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    any one interested GWS GO TO MSN search enter pbs then GWS many good articles from front line news show. If you want the tape they charge 70.00 dol's I can probily get a friend of mind to make a copy for 10.00 - 1200 but it has to be for personal use only not com.use. It is very informitve will also make u mad as h"ll with the way fed. gov. treats our G.I. I KNOW from personal exp. I fought those's basta"ds for 5yr's finely went to GEO. TWN UNV. MED. CEN. IN DC. GOT a P/x for CFS TOOK THE PAPER WORK AND SHOWED the the ART. DR. he said CFS was not in there book .this Dr. was one of the better dr's I delt with at the V.A . Finilley after 6mo.s he D/x's Fms. I'm in a argument now over pain med.s these's have got to be the DUMB'S DR's in the USA.
    OUR FIGHTING men an WOMEN deserve better!

    excuse the spell ing as I'm in a Fiberfog