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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Becca100, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Becca100

    Becca100 New Member

    My doctors started me on Gultathione Injections for my
    fibromyalgia. I took a total of 6 injections in my thigh.
    One injection a week for 6 weeks. The week after I took my first injection I got real sick with pneumonia. I took a lot of steriod injections and steriods in through breathing machine plus I had steriods in pill form. I was on the steriods for 4 weeks. The bad fibro flare I was in got much better even my brain fog was better. The thing is I am wondering is if the gultathione injections made me feel better or was it all the steriods I took. I had about eight weeks where my pain level was much better. Thinking about trying the injections again. But the injections are very bad. They make my whole leg hurt for 2 days. I had to use a hot water bottle on the site of the injection because of the pain. I was wondering if any one else has taken the gultathione injections and how did they effect you.
    Soft Hugs To ALL, Becca
  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    1) You may want to try injections in your hip (back near your rear) rather than in your thigh. I used to do mine there.....sort of as far back as I could comfortably reach, a little below where my butt met my back. Someone on the board may be able to explain this could do a post. Your doctor may be able to show you.

    2) I used to mix procaine (sort of like novocaine) with some of the "tougher" shots to reduce the pain. The doctor can give that to you in the same sort of rubber stopper bottles that the other stuff comes in.

    3) A lot of people think that denatured whey protein (such as ImmunoPro RX) is just as good at creating glutathione as the shots. I think that may be true. It's certainly a lot less trouble.

    4) I got a deadly latex/rubber allergy recently, almost certainly from giving myself a whole lot of shots (B12, B complex, gluthathione, etc.) You have to pass the needle through a rubber stopper, and then you insert small bits of rubber into your body. Rubber is a foreign compound to the body, of course. For people inclined to allergies, it would make sense that this might happen. (A lot of medical professionals become allergic to latex too because of the constant exposure). Serious latex allergies are not ones you want to have. If, for instance, I had an access and someone were to apply latex to my internal organs, I could burn to death from inside. And if you have a latex allergy, medical personnel are never supposed to give you medication from a bottle if they have to pass a needle through the rubber to get at it, regardless of whether your life is in danger. Sometimes if one of my hand unknowingly comes into contact with disintegrated rubber or latex and I rub my fingers on my arm or face, I will get horrible burns that last for weeks. If I could do it over again, I'd never do shots like that. I don't think other CFS patients have had this problem because in the past not many people have been treated with these sorts of injections. Now that the FFC's are doing them regularly, I worry that other people will end up like me.
  3. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I would think the only way to tell is to discontinue one annd continue with the other.

    Process of elimination.

    I have CFS adn I took steroids for a while. (Prednisone is a steroid, right?) and it did help. My guess is that it helped because it reduced inflammation.

    I believe I have a sub-clinical virus...(currently treating v. succesfully with transfer factor) which would explain why I have/had inflammation.

    Cut a long story short. if u have a stealth infection.. steroids may help with the inflammation IMHO. YOu shld of course, check this with yr doctor.

    ON the glutathione. I have tried nebulising, oral and IV. IV is by far the most powerful.

    As I understand it, undenatured whey is a precursor to glutathione helps the body make its own glut.. and it can take 3 months to see any effects.

    I use it as an adjunct therapy to teh IVs and oral.

    Glutathione and Transfer Factor have given me my brain back.

    Good luck
  4. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    where do u get your glutathione for the injections? Which pharmacy?

  5. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    how long were u taking these injections prior to developing yr latex allergy?
  6. Becca100

    Becca100 New Member

    delia - I get my gultathione injections from my Doctor.
    The gultathione is all ready in the syringe- all I have to do is give them to myself. The injections are $10. for each
    injection. Insurance will not cover them. My Fibro Doctor is in Houston if any one would like to get in touch with her office about the injections just ask and I will give you her phone number.
    Thanks to all who responded to my post.
    Soft Hugs to all,Becca
  7. Becca100

    Becca100 New Member

    What is nebulize glutathione? Never heard of it.
    Do you inhale it or what? Where do you buy it. Thanks,Becca
  8. teeniebean

    teeniebean New Member

    I have tried immunocal, very expensive, but I now have whey with soy and strawberry with the blender every morning. I am trying to get the glutathione up. I live in Iowa, very conservative about alternative meds. I would love to try the injections. I was diagnosed in 1993...I would love to remember who I used to be. So, if the Dr. can or would sell prescribe whatever, I would like to call him to see. Thanks.
  9. Becca100

    Becca100 New Member

    Below is my Doctor's information. Maybe she will send you the injections my mail. They are only $10. for each
    injection. You have to buy 6 injections at a time. I hope
    you get the response you need. Soft Hugs, Becca

    Patricia D. Salvato, MD
    4120 Southwest Freeway, Suite 200
    Houston, TX 77027
    Phone - (713) 961-7100

  10. Becca100

    Becca100 New Member

    Intramuscular injections, as pioneered by Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston. She injects 100 mg of glutathione with 1 mg of ATP, intramuscularly, 2 times per week. One source of IM glutathione is McGuff Compounding Pharmacy in Santa Ana, CA (phone: (877) 444-1133, fax: (877)444-1155). This probably benefits most the muscle into which it is injected, but it is also reported to have systemic effects.

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