Gum Disease....Losing teeth

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cycie, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Cycie

    Cycie New Member

    Got them out Thursday mornin @ 10am all went well,
    got 5 out in the chair, I said pull what you can while I am here and Friday morning and they are all but healed already. Got another 3 to get out next week.

    He said with my gum disease and my gag reflex he doesn't think they will be able to get an impression to fit falsies, so I may have to go Gummy...not a good look.

    This is the first dentist visit I have had no dramas with, I am not sore at all, only the needle sites really and they are all but healed today, strange hey...????? it's amazing

    My teeth are the only thing I am really vain about, i wanted to go to my grave with them, but it looks like that will not happen now.

    Take care and Happy New year to you all
    Hugs cycie
  2. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I too lost all but 8 of my teeth. Still trying to hang onto them. Thyroid disease caused bone loss in my jaw, which caused severe pain in my mouth. I had always taken very good care of my teeth & had a nice smile. I also assumed I'd have mine all my life as well. Many of the 13 they pulled (all top & some bottom) didn't even have a filling in them. Prior to this I had lost one here & there due to the tooth becoming loose from the bone loss. I fought for 3 long very painful years to hang on to them & finally had to give in & have them pulled. I can say I'm glad I did. No more pain. I had to be put under to have mine all pulled at once. Due to the constant dental apts to hang on to my teeth my mouth became zero pain tolerance. Gas no longer worked, novicane didn't work, etc.

    As for the impressions....try one of those places that make dentures on site. They have different ways of doing impressions that may not cause you to gag. They used a rubber type stuff that didn't spread all over in my mouth & in the back of my throat. It only took half the time compared to the plaster method my dentist used. I'd at least call a denture place & ask if they can attempt to try doing an impression. If you start to gag they can stop.
  3. survivor13

    survivor13 New Member

    hi hun
    i have same probs as yu but so far have only had to have four teeth on a plate. you need to explain about FMS to your dentist and he will send instructions to the lab. i have mine on a half plate which is really small and he files it down further if it annoys me too much lol.
    as for the impressions there is a way it can be dun,i have mine done with smaller impression plate so not to gag but this may sound daft but go with me a min........ i lay in chair,close eyes tight and concentrate hard on dolphins n whales in my head ,i hear the whale song and the dolphins chatting to each other,the sound of the sea,breathe deeply n easily through my nose and before i know it its all dun and over. sounds mad but it really works,you could perhaps focus on something good for you but try it,hope i have been of some help xxxxx
  4. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    Did you ever have amalgam (mercury) fillings in your teeth? I have read many places that having amalgam fillings can cause gum disease and CFS/Fibro and many other diseases.

    I had amalgam fillings when I was a teenager, and have been battling gum disease since, but didn't know that the fillings could be the cause. Then, in the last five years, I had flu shots which contain thermosol(sp?) that has mercury in it, and finally succumbed to CFS. Some days I can barely take care of myself. I am planning on having the amalgams removed this year. Good luck to you. Marie
  5. Cycie

    Cycie New Member

    My Thanx to TKE, Survivor13, Marie and Ovrwhelm for your reples and will see what i can do.

    I said I had no Probs at all after the teeth were pulled and I didn't untill yesterday when my gums started that itchy ( healing feeling) driving me nutz and it got worse this morning, so I rang the local A & E and they told me to go to the local Med clinic and get it checked, do I did, wasn't impressed with the Dr, had a bit of a attitude prob, but said all is ok....GGGgrrrrrr, so will see what happens.
    I am now taking Nurofen every 4 hrs cos I can't stand the itching, wanna rip my gums to pieces........

    I have 3 more to get out on the other side, was gonna do that tomorrow but won't now till next week.
    I am sooooo tired from putting up with all this itchy feeling.

    Thanx again guys
    Hugs cycie

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good luck to you with all this. I also have a strong gag reflex and I have trained myself to be able to stop it when they make impressions.

    I picture the back of my mouth and practice holding the back of my tongue on the top of my mouth so that noting can go down. I breathe through my nose. If you practice doing this, you can get to where you can do it for longer and longer periods of time.

    It's also using my mind to focus only on knowing that my tongue is strong and can hold its position as long as it takes. I never think about gagging or what's going on in my mouth. I act as though my life depends on being able to hold still until the impression is done.

    It isn't easy but with enough practice and mind over matter, I've been able to overcome the gag reflex. Perhaps this will help you to be able to as well.

    Love, Mikie
  7. TKE

    TKE New Member you have food allergies? I was wondering, because some foods cause my mouth/tongue/throat to instantly itch & then stomach burning. One of those foods is eggs.

    Now for the really weird part...I have found I can eat eggs if I follow it up right after with chocolate. Yep chocolate :). My doc laughed & said he never heard of chocolate shutting down an allergic reaction to a food allergy, but it works for me every time. I keep a stash of peanut butter cups on hand & even take some with me if we eat out.

    Nuts are the only thing so far I can't shut the itching/stomach burning down. So I can't eat them anymore.

    Hope you can get your impressions done with little or no problems & get your dentures made.

    Oh wanted to also tell you I have a friend who had dentures made & they gagged her. She made them file them way back & she no longer has any problems. She's been wearing them for at least 10 years now.

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