Gums are red and swollen..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, May 29, 2006.

  1. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    For about 3-4 days now my gums are so swollen and red..They hurt so bad.

    Like if I try to eat an apple or something it hurts...but brushing my teeth just kill..

    What could this be caused from??

    I am swollen other places too...Like my hands,arms,legs, and feet...They have been for a couple of weeks now..

    Any thoughts on this??
  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    You need to do this asap too. I hope you can get an appointment tomorrow as this shouldn't wait.

  3. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I don't know what is going on...I do eat some chips(all natural...not cheetos.LOL)

    But I don't think that is what did it..

    The only other time my gums were like this was one time after a teeth cleaning at the dentist...It went away in a few days..

    Also right under my glands are sore..Not the ones down from your is one between those and my chin...kinda in the middle..

    I tried to get into the dr. sooner but they can't get me in til the 7th..

    Tonight my swelling is not that bad...but earlier today it was really bad...It was hot out and I was out by the pool and swelled up pretty good...I even came in and took my ring off with soap cuz it didn't want to come off...Usually it kinda jiggles around on my finger..

    The only thing I can think to do is call this lady that I talk to once that over looks all the dr. offices that are affiliated with the hospital I go to...

    I had a problem with the dr. office I go to and complained to the dr. about it and this lady called me...She was so nice..I was on the phone for about a half an hour with her..

    But she use to be a nurse for a really long time...but she said I could call her whenever if I needed to...So I think I will..I just don't know what else to do...

  4. Prunella

    Prunella New Member


    I haven't been here much because my health has so greatly improved, but I am glad I took a look tonite!

    I also sometimes get red, painful, swollen gums. I have very healthy gums. This is something that comes from within! I also feel horrible when it happens and get that swollen gland feeling. I usually feel like I have been poisoned!

    I also get it after a dental teeth cleaning and got a severe reaction like that from a tooth whitening kit. The pain was tremendous and I felt really sick!!! The dentist said the only thing those two products had in common is mica (silica is another name for mica).

    So, I did a Google search and found out that it is rare, but some people react to silica in that way. I also read that people with Crohn's Disease react to silica. I don't know if I have Crohn's, but I went thru my kichen cabinets and got rid of everything that had silica as an ingredient. You would be surprised how many foods it is in! It was even in Hain Sea Salt! It is in many spices including Chile Powder. I went to the health food store and found a sea salt that does not contain silica. I get spices without silica from Penzeys. I found toothpaste without silica and avoid cosmetics that have silica, silicone, or any ingredient that ends in "cone".

    I eat organic and healthy as much as possible, but I do have a weakness for those natural potato chips. I bet the sea salt they use has silica! That would explain why I still get that gum pain here and there.

    I don't get swollen hands or feet, so maybe you have a different problem or maybe something else is going on to cause that. You still might want to check out the silica thing though. Do you get really sick when it happens? I do. I feel horribly sick when it happens. It is not just that the gums are swollen and sore. It is a whole body wide reaction, I feel like I have been poisoned!

    I hope this helps. Can anyone else relate to this problem?
  5. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    If I had an infection wouldn't have just showed up on my blood work...I asked if there was an infectiong and she said no...although this gum and gland thing has happened after my blood work was done...

    I asked cuz I was worried about infection in my toe...which is still bothering it is from the knee down that aches...

    I have been eating a few more of the natural chips...I think eating more salt has helped with way I was feeling(dizzy and weird)...But has not made a difference with the swelling..So I am going to eat the's not much that I am eating..

    When I was out in the sun today I was sweating...I think that was a good thing..maybe that is why I am not as swollen tonight..

    A new dr. is in order...Stormy you talk about working with the dr. on all of this...That is just not happening..and I call and they just blow me off..

    I get to the point where I just feel like...oh this is how I am going to feel and I just live with it...when I know something is not right...But having a stupid dr. that blows you off make you feel like...oh just forget it..

    But each week I have another problem added to the list of things that are wrong...Now I have to many things to fix and I have a hard time explaing what the problem is..

    Changing my diet has helped a few things...but I still feel like crap everyday..Lately I started eating more "normal"...I guess I should say adding in a few more things and I do have a little more energy..

    I had to add back in some sugar...I need it...I have felt alot better having some...only homemade treats and some haagen daas ice cream(it is a safe ice cream)...

    This will be my first week not working( I do hair in my home)...It will be iterresting to see how I feel...Hopefully better...I was feeling alittle better has been almost a week since I worked last...Usually the way it goes...just start feeling better then have to work we'll se how it goes...keeping my fingers crossed..

    Thanks for all you concerns...I will give that lady a call tomorrow and let you all know what she says..

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  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks so much for replying...

    I feel sick all the time so I wouldn't know if it was from that or not...Or maybe I get it in all kinds of stuff...

    I will look for that ingredient in things..

    I was having a problem with another salt made my mouth raw...but I don't remember if it affected my gums then or not..

    I just recently started eating the do you know with the chips..all the ingedients are or the chip...oil...and sea salt..

    I guess I won't eat them for a couple of days and see what happens...

    I have about had it with this food thing...I swear I can't eat anything...

    If I do those whitening things...after a couple days my gums are raw and swollen...

    What you have said makes sense...with all the other problems I have been having it wouldn't supprise me..

    Thanks again..I will check that out..
  7. Prunella

    Prunella New Member


    One more thought. You mention your big toe. I don't know much about this but Gout is a condition that causes pain in the big toe. Just a thought.


    My diet is so restricted its ridiculus! No gluten, soy, high oxalate foods, silica, additives or preservatives. Organic as much as possible,...

    I can eat some sugar though as my yeast is completly cleared up.

    Acidophilius and bifidus are the only probiotics I can tolerate and work for me.
  8. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I just tried to do a search on it...I had no luck..Could you help me with this..

    I am tring to really watch what I eat...It is so hard. I feel like I react to everything...But then sometimes I will think I should react and I don't...And I am just so hungry all the time...And if I don't eat I feel even really bad..

    This chemical stuff is so new to me...I am really having hard time with it all ...

    I have been doing it now for about a month and I am feeling a little better but not alot.. I went through about 3 weeks of terrible headaches...those have gotten better..I always had a headache but these were worse...

    I went to my dr. for it all...She wants me to have allergy testing done to rule out any food allergies...I have an apt. on Friday..He is going to do a blood testing..I am not sure if it is going to do my any good or not...I think it is more of a sensitivity than an allergy...Do you think I should just have it done?? I am mostly worried about the cost...lovely dr. bills..

    I am wondering about the whole wheat husband makes homemade bread with all safe ingredients and I eat a piece of it and my stomach bloats like a balloon..and gets a knot feeling...That is what happens when I eat anything like cake or breads...or cookies...even if they are homemade..

    Oh...and by the way..I was told by a foot dr. that I am to young for gout(I'm 34)I know people a lot younger than me with it...Now my ankle is hurting too...It feels like it is spreading (whatever it is)..and the toe has been hurting for about 6 weeks or so..
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  9. Prunella

    Prunella New Member


    I did the search about a year ago. I am heading off to bed now and have a busy day tomorrow, but will try to remember how I did the search. It feels so good to have busy days again! I hope the same for you.

    I would get a second opinion about gout. Try to see another dr. for that.

    I had food testing done about 15 yrs ago. Didn't help me at all. It was Great Smokies, I think. It was a lot of money. The tests may be better now, so I don't know.

    From what you write, gluten sounds like it might be a big problem for you! I hear there is a blood test for that now.
  10. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I called that lady..She was kinda at a loss as to what to tell me to do...

    She did give me a name of a couple of dr. that she thought would be good..They are both family dr. and but they are both males..She said she wouldn't recomend any of the female dr....Nice huh?

    So I just don't know what to do...One of the dr. she worked for for many years...So I know he would be good..She said he specialized in CFS..which I have never been dd with...just fibro...but maybe he would be really understanding...Plus she said he does understand when people can not take meds..

    But the other one she said has a nurse practioner...Which would be great...They always seem to spend more time with you...And if I can't get in to see him then I could probably get into see her...

    It is a big toss up..

    She thought I should go ahead with the allergy testing and then go from there...

    I think I will call and get a copy of all my med. records and make an apt. with one of these new dr. and take my records so they can look at it..I just don't know which one..

    What do you think??
  11. thirkmom

    thirkmom New Member

    Now that the weather is warming up I have started to have problems with my legs swelling up and my hands. The heat is not my friend. One thing you need to be careful of is your salt intake. Salt causes you to retain water and swell up. I get pitting edema in my legs (I can push the heel of my other foot into my shin and it makes an idention that will last around 2 minutes. Soft drinks have a tremendous amount of salt as does anything processed. I find if I drink lots of water with lemon it draws out the extra fluid. Of course I pee all day. Stay where it is cool and prop your legs us above the level of your heart so the fluid in your leg will drain back into your system. If you are having headaches or visual disturbance you could also have increased blood pressure. If that's the case the first thing they do is restrict your sodium intake.

    You might benefit from an antiduretic (water pill). Another thing that causes edema in the extremities is right sided heart failure. Your heart can't pump hard enough to ciculate the fluids in the body and get them back up to your heart so it pools in the extremities.

    Whenever I have my teeth cleaned or worked on they have me premedicate with antibiotics. If you get an infection in your mouth it can go to your heart and effect you heart's ability to function properly.

    I really think a Dr. visit is in order and as soon as possible. LuAnn
  12. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks alot for responding..

    I don't eat a lot of salt at all...I don't eat any prepackaged foods...other than a few chips once in a while..I just sprinkle a little on my food..

    I am trying to go to the dr. but I can't get in for a while..

    The swelling seems a little better today...Hopefully it is going down...I have actually cut back on my water a little...I was drinking alot..Maybe my kidneys couldn't keep up and then it was hot out..My right side is still swollen..

    I have been weighing myself in the mornings like the nurse told me to do...and every other day I weigh more...Now today I didn't feel as swollen and I weighed 5 lbs more that normal..I don't get it..

    Thanks for your help..

  13. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I read your profile and noticed that you were a hair stylist. I use to be a nail tech. Do you think that the chemicals in the salon you work in could be making you worse?

    I finally had to stop doing nails b/c the chemicals were making me so sick. Everything you are breathing in the salon is entering your body. Noticed that you have not been feeling well at all lately, and was just kind of concerned about you since you work in a salon.
  14. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I actually do hair here at home in my basement...And yes I do think the chemicals have affected me..

    My Mom did hair...She was pg with me and I was raised in a playpen in a salon...Then she did hair in our you can see I have been around the chemicals my whole life..

    I started cutting way back...was down to one day a week...Now just last week I told my customers it was their last apt....I am going to take some time off and see if I can get myself feeling better...

    On the nights I would work I would get so was getting bad..

    Thanks for you thoughts..
  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    This is my plan..

    Tomorrow I am going to call my dr. and ask them to make a copy of all my medical I have it..

    Then I am going to go to my apt. with the allergist on Friday...Hoping to take my records there with me..I should be able to stop and pick them up on the way...

    Then I am going to see what happens with the testing..Then I am going to call and make an apt. with one of these dr. and just see what they think of it all...

    The swelling is not so bad tonight...I was going to the bathroom earlier like crazy...It feels so good to have it down..My rings are alot looser..I seem to have a lot more energy when it is down..And less pain..

    But my stomach is so bloated tonight...and my gums are still so sore..So my teeth feel gross cuz I can't brush very good...If it's not one thing it's another...
  16. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Now this morning my gums were even bleeding a little when I brushed them...I am going to call my dentist and see what he thinks..

    Last night my swelling in my hands and feet were better...but when I got up this morning I could not get my ring off...I had to use soap..

    Not feeling to good today..
  17. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I called the dent. I am going to go in this afternoon and have him look at them..

    The receptionist said any time they are like that it could be a sign of infection..

    So I'll see what he thinks..

    I called my dr. office and asked for copies of all my medical records...The lady didn't seem to happy but oh well..She said to give her about a week to do it..

    I was hoping to have them to take with to the allergist..I'll still take my blood test with and have him look at those..He is a really nice dr. I think he will listen to me..

    I also asked the dr. office if I could get a celiac disease test done and she was going to talk to the nurse and let me know..

    This is getting old...
  18. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I went to the dentist...He wants me to go to a periodontist(sp)...To have some deep cleaning done...Now wouldn't that feel good..LOL

    I just don't think he knew what to think of it...

    He did tell me to rinse with peroxide and water...half and half..So I will try that for a little while and see what happens..
  19. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

  20. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    You say the dentist said your gums need cleaning. Maybe that is your problem or maybe that is another problem unrelated to the gum pain. In my case my gums are very healthy and the pain and swelling comes from within. My dentist said he thought it was from stress, but my problem has greatly improved by elilminating silica from my diet.

    I tried to find the website about that but couldn't find it. Here are some other sites that have info about silica: and It bugs me that I can't find that really good article about silica and gum pain. It had something to do with a reaction to teeth cleaning and it was from a European country, Switzerland, I think.

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