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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tkearn5000, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. tkearn5000

    tkearn5000 Member

    I just got Gupta's program in the mail a few days ago, and have started with the training. I have seen a number of people on this board discussing it, and was wondering how those of you who are trying it are doing? I am hopeful that it will at least provide some relief from my symptoms.
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  2. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member


    My wife has been on the programme for about 4 weeks. The change has been dramatic. She even played tennis for 10 minutes yesterday (she used to have to use a wheelchair for anything more than about 20 m.


  3. getwellgirl

    getwellgirl New Member

    Unfortunately it did nothing for me except I liked the meditation techniques.

    My gut is very messed up with yeasts and other stuff so probably till I get that fixed nothing will work. I also have adrenals that are virtually at Addison's levels which is another reason why I didn't get any benefit.

    Its certainly worth a try cos there are so many reasons as to why one is sick. It did help with reminding me to try and stay positive.

  4. efly

    efly New Member

    Hi Tkearn,
    Ive been on the programme since December. Don't let that put you off. I was bedridden for 10 months prior to the programme... I can now walk around the block every second day.... so for me it is a godsend ! keep doing it NO MATTER WHAT... good luck efly
  5. behooved

    behooved New Member

    I've been doing the Gupta amygdala retraining program for 3 weeks now. It's too early to tell whether it'll actually make me better or not, but it has already helped significantly.

    In fact after a week of doing it, I felt so much better than I just wanted to jump straight back into life and actually went out to a bar and got kind of drunk for a friend's birthday. It was amazing! The most fun I've had in nearly 2 years since getting sick. But then of course after that I crashed really hard and felt like I sort of had to start all over with the program after the week long hangover.

    So now I'm going to pace myself a bit better, avoid alcohol completely and try not to do anything *too* fun until I've gotten a lot further along with my recovery. I really like doing the program, and do feel a lot more energetic since I've been doing it. My brainfog is clearing up too, and I feel a lot happier with life in general. It actually lifted me out of a deep bout of depression soon after I started it. So I'm going to attempt to keep it up for the next 6 months no matter what.

    I'm trying not to spend too much time on this forum, as reading stuff on here can sometimes add to the negative thoughts and confusion about this illness, and will slow my recovery process. I'll report back here every now and then, and when the six months are up. I'll definitely come back and post my results even if it's made me completely better.
  6. tkearn5000

    tkearn5000 Member

    After a week I'm noticing a little improvement. Just being aware of the times that I think about my symptoms, and the amount of stress that this thinking is causing is good for me. If this doesn't cure me, just getting rid of some of my unnecessary stress will help alot.
  7. efly

    efly New Member

    bump bump
  8. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member

    My Wife is continuing to do well. It is so good with her around more. We also have two girls with ME (12 and 16). We are starting them on the programme too. This will be interesting as it is not as easy as taking some suppliments. I will keep you updated on how it is going.

    I would encourage everyone to give it a go. The cost is not much when compared to what we pay on suppliments and what we are gaining in QOL.


    LISALOO New Member

    I agree, mine didn't work on either of our DVD players, but it plays fine on my desktop computer.
  10. tkearn5000

    tkearn5000 Member

    When I ordered my dvd's, I got an e-mail from Ashok notifying me that some people have trouble playing the dvd's. He also gave me a link to a cheap ($30.00) dvd player that would play them.
    I happened to have a similar player, and found out that I could change it to play dvd's from any region. I looked up my model on amazon, and on the comments page someone posted a "hack" that can be used to do this. All I had to do was press a series of buttons when the player was empty, then the number 1 appeared on the screen (my current region), and I changed that number to 0(plays all regions). As this process differs depending on your dvd player, I would encourage people who cannot play their dvd's to look up reigon free hacks on a search engine, and see if you can find one for your dvd player.
  11. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member

    Where I come from (New Zealand) most DVD players are multi region and so we have no problem. I think this is because all dvds come from all around the world and so we need to be able to play all formats. But it would be worth checking that your players do not have a multi region setting before buying another player.

  12. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    I have been REALLY interested in the Gupta program and was about to buy it. I am still considering it BUT, there is alot of people posting that are obviously with Gupta. It is very obvious because they only post about Gupta and use the same language about the program.

    I just kind of figured it was "interesting" marketing and I am sure alot of it goes on, but still it didnt mean the program didnt have some merit. BUT, I was researching it again today and got on Chronic Fatigue Treatments . com. There is a ton of posts on all different treatments but more on the Gupta program than any other site I have seen. Once again I noticed the same posters. (Elfy is the one I always mention) Some people seemed sincere but they werent the ones with the major improvements. Anyways, I started a post titled "false Posting" and talked about how I believe this is happening and how I get it is marketing but it really isnt fair. We need to hear from real people to make an informed decision and that the Gupta people are consistantly posting this way on different CFS sites and it is obvious.

    Oddly enough, my post was gone within about a 4 hour time frame. Just vanished. It didnt look like a Gupta site, it looked like an informative board about CFS and treatments. I posted again so I will see what happens.

    It is too bad, cause I really was interested in the program.

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  13. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    Just in case anyone read my last post, my post on Chronic Fatigue Treatments . com did NOT suddenly vanish, it just appeared some where else.

    It is a very interesting site. My "hunch" that there were what I called false posters lead to 2 replies from Ashov Gupta himself. Several other people still had posted questions for Ashov that he didnt have time to get to but he sure had time to try to get me to stop the accusations. I eventually had to wave the white flag as I had no way of proving anything and I was over the whole thing. It is worth a look at that site if your are thinking of buying the Gupta program.

    Any real stories from real people that have used the program would be greatly appreciated.


  14. bakeman

    bakeman New Member

    these shill shcemes pop up from time to time. the last big one was "symbion for life probiotics" members were on multiple sites cut and paste word for word. it is claimed the amigdala retreaining dvds took something like $60,000 to produce. that is why each program costs $200. idunow, if i had a cfs cure i would give it to everyone for free, but hey thats just me. to each his own. anyway i don't see how anyone can come up with $60,000 as a number. from what i can tell the entire program was recorded in a back bedroom on a $200 cam corder and then burned on a bunch of dvds that aren't even the right regional format. the biggest expence was probably the phony lab coat. i heard his degree is in economics NOT medicine. and NOW there is buzz for this in treating thyroid, lyme adrenal ect... what have we learned about cure-alls in the past? apparently nothing, the sick and desperate will always have targets on our backs. and yes... deep breathing reduces stress and is healthy for everybody especially the sick.
  15. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    If these people are appearing on different boards, I wonder if they are getting paid for this or if they are zealots who would protect Dr. Gupta.

    Gets you thinking.

  16. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member

    Hi all

    I suspect that some expect that I am a Gupta plant but some people asked that I report back every now and then to let them know about our progress. We are about to go on hol so I thought this was a good time.

    My wife has continued to improve with the Gupta programme. She is doing so much more that she was (e.g. our first christmas letter to friends in years - many have cut us off their lists becasue we have not been able to keep in touch). She is in a dip at the moment but still much better than she was. I am not surprised about the dip as she has become so busy with Christmas and holiday prep. The programme suggests that you don't take on any more stress but it is hard at this time of the year and with 4 children to not spend the energy.

    Our two girls with ME are also improving. I think they are finally getting the programme to work for them and they are seeing the improvement. Having their mum around to help sure does help. The 16 year old is getting up by 9 most days and is spending the day in town today.

    Anyway. We are not at the cured stage yet and have no way of knowing for sure if we will actually get there but we are enjoying the improvement we have got.

    I wish you all a great christmas and a better new year.

    Kind regards


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