Gut Dysbiosis

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    I am new to this board and dealing with CFS/Fibro, Chronic Viral infections and a bunch of other things. I know I've had a yeast problem forever and have dealt with it in so many different ways with different practitioners. I recently started with someone new out of desperation and they immediately did a comprehensive stool test with Geneva Diagnostics. I hae the resluts here and noticed that I have some other bacter as well: alpha haemolytic strpotococcuc and coag.negative staphylococcus.
    I would love to get other feed back on how they handled their gut dysbiosis. I have lots of food intoleraces which makes it difficult to take a lot of supplements. I started on Ultraclear Plus PH by Metagenics yesterday and had an awful reaction. I am stillrecovering from it today. I felt better just doing the diet alone but once I got my results the doctor added this is in. It has been a been a major setback for me both emotionally and physically as it made me feel really sick and flu like. I was also given a supplement to take(Agvaclear?) with the shake which was very irritating on my bladder. It kept me up all night in pain and going every hour!
    Anyone out there dealing with this and can offer any suggestions?
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    I don't know the answer to your questions. But If you don't find the answer here on the ProHealth boards (either here on the Health Board or the Fibro board), the website offers Fibro help broken down into separate support groups as follows below, including a group for men, a group for teens and a group for families. You might find the answer there.

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    I believe that if you do the 30 day raw diet, you will be able to strengthen your bowel with enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables, and fight the very strong yeast, which is capable of forming root type mycelium. most other yeast do not form the root system. Taking fresh olive oil, not cooked, is said to inhibit the rooting, and speed up the therapy. It is also now believed that virgin coconut oil is healing to the intestines, and skin as well. I hope this helps, as I know that drinking alcohol, and eating sugar seems to make the yeast stronger.
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    Do you mean Genova Diagnostics?

    This lab has had problems in the past as they do not use FDA approved tests nor recognized by most of the medical profession.

    You sound miserable and it is important that you get the proper diagnosis.
    If this is where you had your testing you might want to opt for a better laboratory.

    Welcome to the board and good luck.

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