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    wanted to know if all my symptons were a sign of ibs
    bloating after eating
    pain no right , left lower gut below belt line on and off
    felling of sting or burning in gut before a stool movment
    and after some time
    some day are good very little issue
    had a lot of blood work nothing
    ct scan again nothing
    a stressful peron i guess
    colo test scheduled for tuesday to look just fill all around my gut is like sore not to the touch but fills that way to me without touching,

    thaank you for any advice
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    Hi. Pro Health does not provide any doctors to answer questions on these boards, so remember that responses you receive are from regular people like you. One of the best things you can do is get the results from your colonoscopy and then discuss all this with your doctor. Your doctor can then decide if s/he wants more testing or if s/he has made a diagnosis and if you have IBS or something else.

    There are various forms of IBS: IBS-D (with diarrhea only), IBS-C (with constipation only), IBS C&D (both diarrhea and constipation). You can talk to various people who have IBS and each may have different and varying symptoms. I have IBS-D and mine is uncontrolled diarrhea (which some IBS people have) and is greatly impacted by stress and my migraines. I do not get any pain or bloating in my abdomen like some others with IBS do and I have no warning of the impending uncontrolled diarrhea (which doctors refer to as "dumping")--it just strikes.

    My IBS-D was diagnosed by a doctor and I was told to try various things which did not work. I was then prescribed HYOSCYAMINE tablets, which I start to take when the events occur. Good luck and I hope this gives you some info to understand IBS a bit more. Hope your doctor gets everything figured out and is able to help you feel better.

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