GWS/I: 'guinea pig' vaccine trials (UK)

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    Veterans claim evidence of 'guinea pig' vaccine trials

    Anthrax doses used on Gulf War troops, document reveals

    19 November 2005 Yorkshire Today (UK)

    By Alexandra Wood

    CAMPAIGNING Forces veterans have uncovered the first written
    evidence that they were used as human guinea pigs during the first
    Gulf War.

    For years veterans of the 1991 conflict have claimed that rushed
    multiple vaccinations given to troops in the lead-up to the
    conflict, including experimental vaccines, were among the causes of
    their many illnesses, known as Gulf War Syndrome.

    Now a document released under the Freedom of Information Act has
    backed up their claims that they were given double doses of anthrax
    vaccines as well as unlicensed boosters.

    And, critically, it states that the use of boosters, given to
    improve the take-up of the vaccine, would "provide a unique
    opportunity to obtain human data".

    The document outlines a presentation by a colonel from the Royal
    Army Medical Corps, working as a civil servant, following a meeting
    at the Centre for Applied Microbiological Research, the civilian
    section of the Porton Down research establishment, in August 1990.

    It talks about improving the efficiency of the anthrax vaccine by
    using licensed whooping cough vaccine or "an unlicensed adjuvant"
    and using double doses of the anthrax vaccine for the same reason.
    It states the use of boosters would "significantly reduce the
    numbers and severity of casualties" and concludes: "Should option
    two be agreed this would also provide a unique opportunity to obtain
    human data on the efficacy of the whooping cough/anthrax

    Leading veterans campaigner Ray Bristow, a former warrant officer
    with 32 Field Hospital, had more than 20 vaccinations in just three
    weeks in 1990-1991 including a classified biological vaccine, five
    anthrax jabs and three for whooping cough – although the latter
    should not be used on adults.

    He also "religiously" took nerve agent pre-treatment sets, known as
    NAPS, for nearly six weeks.

    Mr Bristow, 47, from east Hull, who now uses a walking stick to get
    around, suffers joint pain, double vision and fits.

    Mr Bristow said: "Vaccines affected everyone including those who
    didn't deploy. It is the common factor linking thousands of sick

    "The whole document is quite shocking to say the least, but it does
    answer a few questions and opens up some untruths. The Labour
    government promised a new beginning of truth and openness and it is
    everything but. The saddest thing is that with the correct
    information being given to the veterans' doctors some veterans who
    have now died and died in poverty may well be still alive today."

    The Ministry of Defence said it had spent £8m on research into
    veterans' illnesses and insisted that there was no clinical evidence
    to show the vaccines were the cause of ill-health.

  2. Mikie

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    As shocking as this info is, it doesn't surprise me. I believe our service men and women have been used for experimentation for decades. I also believe tests have been done on civilians by the govt. There is ample documentation of this in prisoners in TX.

    Thanks for posting this. I will always believe my illnesses are connected to GWI.

    Love, Mikie

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