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  1. 69mach1

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    how did the attorney appt go? i you holding up ok?

    lot's of hugs and power coming your way

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    I just posted when you did! It went well. Very well. Apparently, I'm entitled to a lot of support! I was hoping for about half of what the lawyer says I can get. Even if he's over stating it by ... a lot... I'm still pretty happy! He also said that as of today, (since he's away and won't be home for a few weeks) I'm never going to have to live with him again. He also said that the next time he calls, go ahead and inform him, but tell him all communication goes through the lawyer from now on. This is going to freak him out. He is such a bully with us, but a real coward with anyone outside our home.
  3. 69mach1

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    if you have any money or jewelry or valuables...get them out of the house...put in safe deposit ex...broke in w/the keyes that my son conviently left at his house...

    dad plotted this one out...he made forced entry...
    and ran sacked my house...stole his own sons brand new xbox...he brought back cd's some i never even heard of...rearranged them...because i alphabetized....

    well he got off...but he has too live with this till the day he dies...

  4. gypsy101

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    But he doesn't want anyone to know. I think he's going to play victim for a bit once the lawyer 'scolds' him with a letter addressing my legal rights. My lawyer also said he's represented women divorcing alcoholics before, most are full of fear, he said. When a bigger, stronger, more powerful man steps in to defend the woman he's been abusing, usually the response is to skulk away and glare. Then he said there's that smaller percentage that kills the wife. But he said that's not usually how it goes. That's rare. He said from what I told him, it sounds like I have a typical drunk with a bunch of fear keeping him tied in knots.

    I was thinking about your post again. I can't see my soon to be ex :) so nice to say that.... I can't see him stealing the jewelry. Or breaking in. I can see him not paying support on time. I can see him "forgetting" to pick up kids on time for visitation or whatever.... stuff that would annoy me and add a measure of control from him over my new life. But I don't see him breaking in to take stuff. His m o is doing stuff that's very passive. I think the passive agression is his most finely tuned trick. I hate passive aggression more than I can express. living with a passive aggressive person has nearly killed me.
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    but change the door locks...he doesn't need keyes to the place...

    never give the kids their keyes to the house when or if they go to dad's for a weekend...

    and if things get too rough w/ it at the local police station...i had to go that route...i know some people may frown on it...but when you are dealing w/a verbally abusive ex to be...and his stupid gf...stripper...truly....

    well she would say nasty things to front of cody and the ex to be had to put on a show...

    oh i hate reliving those times...but i am doing better now...

    you are getting control of your life now...everyday new changes...

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    Yes, my former BIL and his ex little girl's are very lucky that Jodie's little sister doesn't live in CA. It seriously would have been go time!
  7. 69mach1

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    jen is my biological sister who is so lucky to have fibro like us...

    well you will be stronger day by day..