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  1. greatgran

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    Would you please share the name of your good doctor in VA and where he is located as I need one..

  2. gypsysoul

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    I was seeing Amy Butler in Hillsville. She also has an office in Galax. The other Dr is in Fancy Gap, but he is not taking any new patients. Dr Butler requires insurance, so I cannot see her anymore.

    When I see the Dr in Fancy Gap I will ask him if he will see anyone. I already asked him if I could post his name....but he said no new patients. This was awhile ago. I see him in July. I will ask again, maybe things have changed. Appt. is for the 18th.

    I just hope you can see Dr Butler. She is a kind and knowledgeable person.

  3. greatgran

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    I never dreamed Amy would be a good doctor for CFS/FM but I use to work there before she came and before I became sick.. I called and ask the receptionist awhile back if there was anyone there that saw FM/CFS pts. and she said No.. Most of the staff has changed since I worked there. I think I know the one you speak of at Fancy Gap, doesn't he have his office in his home.

    I will call and see if I can get an appointment with Dr. Amy Butler. How does she feel about giving meds like xanax and FM/CFS in general. Sorry , you are unable to see her, if you could we could meet.

    The doctor that seemd to help or understand the most is right off 77 at exit 19, its a grey office beside Hampton Inn, (Family Medical Care) his name is Dr. James Chappell the only thing is you have to wait once in get in the office to see him as he is a talker and takes time with his pts. Not sure about the insurance policy or how that works but thought I would mention him. I see him occassionaly but he did send me to specialist and finally told me upfront that he is sorry but there are just so much doctors can do.. But he is a good understanding man,
    as well as a doctor..He helped me get my disability.

    Thanks for your info..Please lets stay in touch.


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