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    Thsi gosh darn fatigue...I dont know whats wrong with me...I have severe fibro fog, cant concentrate on a dam thing which is affecting me at work to the point where today I almost started to cry it was so bad. My brain actually hurt trying to get it to focus. Im soooooooooooooooo tired that I ahvent been really eating much. Im just too darn tired to even chew. I "thought" I was getting sick but now Im wondering is it just because of fibro? CFS? or maybe I am getting sick. I cant explain hw Im feeling other than I feel like I need a month of sleep. I can barely get out of bed. Coffee isnt helping...nothing is. The worst is that I feel like I cant keep up with the 4 kids lately...especially when Im trying to help them study for tests this week and last week and help them with homework...I cant even focus to help them...its aweful.
    Gosh please someone tell me you can relate. I dont know whether I shoudl go to the Doctors only to find out thers nothing he can do or just leave it alone and suffer. This is NO quality of life not being able to function at home or at my job...this really stinks! Im so frustrated.
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    My mom has had a dramatic improvement over FM/CFS. She is using Dr. William Wong's approach and its helping:


    Don't push your body when its tired, all you'll do is wear your adrenals down. Coffee will wear them down faster and will reach a point [like any drug] where it won't help anymore. Craving salt is another symptom.

    Consider taking Probiotics (healthy bacteria) to keep the colon active and producing systemic enzymes.

    I can certainly relate, my sleeping during lunch and sluggishness got me laid off from work. I finished one last Master's course in Aeronautics. Too tired to take another course.

    Brain fatigue is from the neurotransmitters getting out of balance. Just need to rest a lot. 5HTP and Theanine help with the Serotonin and Dopamine. Just keep dreaming of that ocean.
  3. Slayadragon

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    Have you focused on systemic yeast at all? If it were out of control, it would cause the problems you mention.
  4. Jillian40

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    Butterfly -

    I am SSSSSOOOOOOooooooooo very sorry to hear that you are struggling as much as you are. Is the crying about fearful feelings? When my brain fog was bad and I was
    at work, I would cry because I was afraid and mad and frustrated and didn't know what to do.

    Though I don't know what you will need to do to remedy this for yourself, I can tell you what has helped me.

    I went to a Wholistic MD with the FFCs and she had me take a round of anti-virals for about 2 months plus start on Pregnenolone (health food store purchase). THe pregnenolone
    is a precursor for a master hormone and it definately helps with brain fog. If you would like to know more, just ask. I can look up the names and doses or whatever you need.

    Oh yeah, the doc also did a saliva test and I ended up being put on T3 for low thyroid function.

    Though you may not want to hear a bunch of "what to take" and "what to do" advice, I would just like to say that this thing can shift for you.

    There are some folks who post on here who also don't take meds and they seem to have some good natural approaches that work for them.

    For example, I believe that goldenseal is a "natural" antibiotic which may help when pulsed. Also I heard some good things about coloidal silver for a similar use.

    Dear one, please don't give up . . . know that whatever answers you are looking for are nearby. Just keep asking them.

    Warm Gentle Hugs,
  5. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    I too have suffered horribly I went for weeks and couldn't get the energy to do anything, I do not sleep well either. I asked my Dr. If I could try Providil sp? Some people on this post take it. It is a Rx that helps you have energy during the day I have notice a huge difference just in a few days. You are not alone!Try to rest as much as possible. Have the kids do homework on your bed you can be lying down resting and reading with them?
    Good luck
  6. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    I felt like you were talking about me right before I was told by my Rheumatologist that I could no longer work. I had 20 years in with a large computer firm and was successful in my career. I kept pushing for 5 more years, and one day they found me collapsed on the floor, unable to move from disabling fatigue.

    My manager got me up and walked me to my car. She knew already that I was sick, so she told me I needed to go home and rest. I got to my car and I had no idea where I was. I had pushed and worked myself into a physical and mental breakdown.

    Needless to say, that was the end of my career. I have FMS/CFS/MCS, OA, DDD, and there is truly something wrong with my brain. For 12 years I have been trying to recoup from the constant flares, sometimes they last 2 to 3 months at a time.

    I have just recently began using the computer again, and my brain function is returning. I still have times of "fibro fog" but with lots of rest, some alternative things like Juice Plus, Mona Vie with Glucosamine, Dr. Weil custom vitamins, Pedialyte for the electrolytes 4 times a day, vit B12 tabs; then pain med and muscle relaxer, antidepressants, klonopin, seroquil for anxiety, and depression, lots of water and lots of will power, I'm
    slowly getting better.

    What I'm trying to tell you is "prevention" is much easier than the "cure." Please find some way to take care of yourself now. I'm so afraid you will end up like me. It has been a nightmare, and my body and mind were in agony for 12 long years and it was an uphill battle all the way, with a very patient Rheumatologist and great Psychiatrist. And most of all, my loving Mother who was the only person who really believed in FMS and CFS back then, because she used to come 350 miles to see me and try to feed me because I was "too tired to chew." Just like you.

    Can I do anything to help you? Do you need someone to research for you? Please find a good Rheumatologist. Most of them do treat FMS and are familiar with CFS and will treat the symptoms until they find out what it "is" and how to treat it. There "IS" something wrong with you. You don't have to just "leave it alone and suffer."

    I totally understand your frustration. I thought one responder had a good idea for you to rest on your bed while your children rested with you and did their homework.

    Please keep me informed. I care what happens to you and your kids. I'll be looking for your posts.

    The best for you,
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    sounds like you are having a bad reaction to the winter. do you live in seasonal weather? horrible changes for us.
    almost all our drs expect us to do worse now.

    Dont throw an easy med in your mouth, the holistic things mentioned or swimmiong in the mornings at a nearby hotel with the kids, or better yet, without, sounds better.

    side note: Klonopin has had great success for fms patients but CAUSES brain fog! Ask your dr

    Don't try to concentrate, ever see a butterfly when she gets her wings or little legs wet? she takes her time to dry off before fluttering away again.
    dont force yourself! only exxacerbates your symptoms
    steph in brain fog ct
  8. Butterfly_of_grace

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    I sooooo appreciate the rapid response to my post...I feel like its now an emergency. Im scared because I havent beenthis bad in soooooo long...I actually forgot how bad it can get..


    The CHiro I work for just keeps adjusting me and telling me to hang in there its going to take a while. I was doing so well with the treatments when I started working there in September. I felt better than I have in YEARS including the herniated disc pain that the Orthopedist couldnt even control with Epidural shots and steriods. I felt like it was a miracle becuase I could actually go for my walks finally.

    NOW is another story...I dont know whats setting me off other than stress which is a big factor. I have noticed that my appetite is real bad the past few days and all started on Tuesday monring when I "thought" I was getting a bought of the tummy bug. ALl day I had waves of nausea and I was in the bathroom ALOT if ya know what I mean. I have really bad IBS symptoms too so Im thinking its just bad IBS making me feel nauseated as well.

    Anyway, as far as crying...its from frustration and not being able to think from the brain fog. This is NO TIME at my job for me ot to be able to focus when we are downloading imperative information and patient files (a couple hundered) onto a new program. I have been staying an extra 2 hours everyday that I work (I only work mon wed fri mornings there) so I dont think its too bad as far as job hours. I am also doing a cleaning job every other week on one of my days off becuase we need the money. I use to clean houses for a living yrs ago...maybe I have chemical sensativity and its acting up since I started cleaning again? But I clean my won house???

    I dunno...Im so pooped...I hurt like livin' h*ll and I cant even think about the smallest thing without my head going completely blank.

    My speech has been really impaired as well. Its embarrassing at my job...I laugh it off but I feel really embarrassed. If it happens with my kids we just all get a kick out of it...really dep down, I feel like a freak lately.

    Thanks for the support. I need to do something drastic. Im going to the health food store today and start with MSM and Coral Calcium for the bidy pain and then Ill ask about the fatigue. I just dont have alot of money to spend on the suppliments right now....Soemthings gotta give though. I feel as if Im at the end of my rope again.

    I do have a large ovarian cyst (I have mentioned in other posts). Can this be a cause? Maybe my hormones are all outa wack from it? They wanted me on hormones to try to shrink it but I refuse to take hormones. They make me really ill, depressed, blow me up like a balloon and I am against prescriptions so I wont take them.

    HUGS! Thanks a million all

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