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    DH has Fibro,Hypothyroid,Anemia,Polyneuropathy,Myositis,Chronic Fatigue,Cramping in limbs,Hypertension,Tremor,Chronic Edema,was turned down yesterday by TX Teacher Retirement,also has a claim in for RR Disability Retirement.Lady @ Teachers said that "Narrative" letter was "Subjective" and needed to be "Objective" We waited forever for the doctor to prepare the letter, and she just didn't seem to have the time, so we wrote it and she signed it, but quess we didn't do so good. Does anyone have a Narrative letter that I might be able to read to get a better idea of what and how to put it??? We are running out of time, Thanks ever so much for your help. This is a nightmare.
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    An objective letter is one where information is provided as factual & relative. It is more specific than a subjective letter. Objective is based on "fact or measurable data" and subjective is based on "opinion." Here are some examples:

    Objective - Patient ate half their breakfast.
    Subjective - Patient didn't eat much this morning.

    Objective - On the one to ten pain scale, patient experienced level eight pain for 12 hours on May 15th, 2003, which subsided to a level five after given 50 mg of morphine.
    Subjective - On May 15th, 2003, patient was in severe pain and given medication which helped somewhat.

    Good Luck and I hope that helps for you,

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    Estoric has great advice. I wasnt an English Major and only took the required 3 english courses in college, I do know a good way to right a letter that may help. Docs secretary or asst can help you. Most dr.s cant right or spell well, especially me. You can't be good at it all! A spell check is a must.

    She should start with an objective diagnosis/prognosis such as. I am a licensed M.D. in this state who specializes in______. This patient (name)_________ is under my care for:_________ and has been so from (date)______ and mostly likely will be for the remainder of her life (opinion) due to said diagnosis. A barage of tests have been performed and she is under treatment and has consented the release this information to be included in this letter.

    a brief subjective portrait of you. such as: pts is in constant, pain that rates on 8 or whatever number on a 1-10scale. Pain is not improving nor are symptoms

    a professional opinion should follow:
    As a medical professional having seen hundereds/thousands of pts I do not take lightly, her conditions, nor should anybody or institution examining this letter. these diagnois and in my professional opinion feel she is unable to work ---or whatever else applies your situation.

    And then explain for you to continue to do so (work/teach) 'could' cause the following consequenes...ie: become more sick, worsening of health and well being. State that all of your diagnosis are a confirmed fact ON RECORD. And that by allwoing you to work could cause the consequences outlined. (this could put them in a legal frenzy) Also, list others doctors seen, diagnois, etc. Never use false statements or accussations. That sets everyone up for prejury or slander.

    Keep everything brief, spaced include for further information Contact me. I will disclose information only by a written request, witnessed by the patient, as per federal law.

    Then you type a brief release of information to be discussed over the phone but it wouldnt be wise to allow written records you havent seen to be disclosed unless you feel it may help your case. Sign the consent form and have a witness sign and date it also. Make it valid for only 30 days, from the date signed, so this makes them rush to
    aquire info.

    Keep in mind after this letter you may be required to leave and maybe even fired ' i assume you have tenure' but its really best to get legal advice, as always. You may feel you are protected by law but these people can be shadey and do things to make you work worse. Just be careful. Try and keep letters under 2 -3 pages maximum, as most people just skim them,,,,like me! Keep important information at the top of each paragraph. If unsure, like I said get some help and also, once again keep in mind they may retaliate!

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    Excellent response Ac77! Very good information...

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    All your help is very much appreciated, thanks for sharing and taking the time to help. God Bless
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