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  1. Heyygirl

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    Anyone had success with high dilution H2O2 and /or coloidal silver IV treatments?

    I am currently going through trying to diagnose an issue in my right lung and plural cavity. Had both IV treatments only once and seemed to Herx for 2 days after...which is a good sign.

    Thanks for any experience in this arena.
  2. panthere

    panthere Member

    I had them for about 2 months (once a week). I had a great reaction from them and was feeling really good until my veins started to get hard from it. So I had to stop it. My husband tried them and it totally bruised his veins really really bad, so he couldn't even do couple. So, be careful with those!
  3. Cinderbug

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    I have been on this board for over 3 years and this is the most DISTURBING subject I have seen on here.

    You are the second person in the years I have been on this board to say they "herxed" from Intraveinous Hydrogen Peroxide .

    I have been an RN for 20 years and I am here to tell you:


    Medical staff are taught to never even put diluted peroxide on an open wounds because it KILLS CELLS.

    I can not even imagine what it is doing in your circulatory system.


  4. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Hevygirl,

    I've never had an H2O2 IV, but I have had a therapy which involved exposing my blood to ozone (the byproduct of H2O2 therapy), and then reintroducing it back into my body. Results were mixed. I could feel exceptionally good within minutes of starting it, and continue to feel good for a couple more days. But there were times when I would somewhat worse afterward. All in all, I think it was a good therapy, but one I likely would have had to do on an almost daily basis to get consistently good results.

    I've done quite a bit of reading on oxidative therapies in general, and know that they have been used extensively in Europe for decades on millions of patients, with exceptionally good results. There's a real emphasis in Europe on finding low-cost effective health therapies, as most European governments pay for everybody's healthcare. That same incentive simply doesn't exist in this country, so many therapies that are common in Europe are not readily available here.

    But it doesn't necessarily mean they are dangerous or ineffective as some would have us believe. I have run across many accounts of people getting good results from H2O2 IVs. But I've also read that you need to work with a qualified practitioner. One who is aware of what amount will likely help, and what amount may cause injury. I think it's important to remember that our own immune systems create H2O2 when activated by acquired pathogens, so introducing H2O2 into our body is not all that unusual of an idea.

    Best to you if you try this.

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  5. Heyygirl

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    for your various inputs. I did participate in a 2 weeks IV treatment last summer consisting predominantly of vitamin C, with a glutathione push. He finished up with H2O2 and sliver the last 2 days. Felt nothing at that time, but I wasn't sick at the time, just restarted the blood "anticoagulant" ( I know...not really that) lumbrokinase and nattokinase which resulted in some "unearthing" of old viruses and bacterial infections. This helped me get through that process when 3 months before I had crashed on the enzymes alone. I had a very good fall season, first time in many years. Interesting experience.

    This doc is very interested in including European and Oriental research in his practice, and I have a binder full of his accumulated research from major american, european and asian medical journals. Thanks again.

  6. Heyygirl

    Heyygirl New Member

    I have been reading a lot about that procedure and process as well. I think I might try it. No kids in the house so low risk of abuse or accident. Let me know how it goes with you if you decide to try.

  7. Heyygirl

    Heyygirl New Member

    Here's hoping you feel better.

    Thanks for the information.

  8. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    You are treading on dangerous territory. There have been deaths, catastrophic side effects by using H2o2 intervenous therapy.

    Several doctors have been sued for wrongful death and others have lost their lisceinces.

    Make your own choice but be aware of the following from the Sloan Kettering Institute.

    I did not edit except for breaking paragraphs for more managable reading.

    Take care.


    How It Works

    Bottom Line: Oxygen therapies do not treat or cure cancer. People who support the use of oxygen therapies make false claims as to how it works.

    People have been promoting the use of oxygen therapies for decades. Their idea is that cancer and many other diseases are caused by a build-up of toxins in the body from pollution, processed foods, and other factors. They think that by supplying high levels of oxygen to the body, they can detoxify the organs and kill cancer cells.

    Studies have shown that this is not true. First, laboratory studies show that cancer cells actually grow rapidly when supplied with high levels of oxygen, and that low levels of oxygen do not cause the formation of new cancer cells.

    Secondly, compared to the amount of oxygen already flowing through our blood, the amount of oxygen that would be delivered by hydrogen peroxide, ozone, or "oxygenated water" is very small. Although hydrogen peroxide and ozone kill bacteria and viruses outside of the body (like pouring hydrogen peroxide on a wound to clean it), studies in animals and humans show that neither agent can kill bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream of a living thing.

    Purported Uses
    *Note: No scientific evidence supports the use of any type of oxygen therapy.

    Research Evidence

    Hydrogen peroxide and "hyperoxygenated water" have never been studied in clinical trials.

    HIV and AIDS:
    Researchers wanted to see if ozone would have any effect on HIV-positive patients, since ozone effectively kills the HIV virus outside of the body. Nine HIV-positive patients who were taking no other medications went through eight weeks of autohemotherapy, a therapy in which blood is drawn from the patient, ozone gas is bubbled through it, and it is reinjected into the patient. Five HIV-positive patients in the control group received the same therapy but without ozone.

    Immune function and infection level were unchanged in both groups, and CD4 counts actually decreased in the group receiving ozone, showing that ozone autohemotherapy is not effective in treating HIV.

    A very small trial studied the use of ozone enemas in five HIV-positive patients with chronic diarrhea. After three weeks, four out of five patients reported a lasting improvement in their symptoms, but there are other, less invasive ways of treating diarrhea.

    There is no scientific evidence to support any other effects.


    The American Cancer Society strongly urges cancer patients not to seek treatment with ozone therapy, hydrogen peroxide, or other "hyperoxygenation" therapies.

    Blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV have been passed from person to person when contaminated autohemotherapy devices were used.

    Oxygen therapies are not recommended for anyone.

    Side Effects
    Hydrogen Peroxide:

    Colonic irrigation (enemas) with 3% hydrogen peroxide can cause gas bubbles to form in the veins of the liver and can cause gangrene and rupture of the colon. It has also caused colitis and deadly bacterial infections in a number of adults and infants.

    When hydrogen peroxide is given through an artery, patients report discomfort at the site of infusion: a stinging, burning sensation that disappears 6-8 hours later.

    Case Reports: 35% (sometimes called "food grade") hydrogen peroxide given through an I.V. caused
    bloody urine, destruction of red blood cells, kidney failure and death in an AIDS patient and
    acute hemolytic crisis (destruction of red blood cells), leading to death in a man with metastatic cancer.

    Case Reports:

    Ingestion of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution by a 2-year old boy caused vomiting and gas bubbles in the liver veins.

    Ingestion of 30-40% ("food grade") hydrogen peroxide solution resulted in three adult deaths from gas bubbles in the veins and collapse of the circulatory system.

    Ingestion of 30-40% ("food grade") hydrogen peroxide caused formation of gas bubbles in the veins of the brain, causing seizures and brain damage in 2 patients.

    When ozone is injected under the skin, patients report pain, burning, redness, swelling, and hematoma.

    When ozone gas is used in an enema, mild to moderate discomfort is reported.

    Ozone given through an I.V. can cause fever, weakness, and a bitter taste in the mouth.
    At low concentrations, inhalation of ozone is irritating to the nose and throat. At higher concentrations, inhalation of ozone may cause headaches, respiratory irritation, and possibly coma.

    Special Point

    Although it seems logical that more oxygen would be better for the body, oxygen therapies do not work and can be extremely dangerous.

    Clinical Summary

    Unproven alternative therapies and products offered over the internet and at clinics in Mexico, the U.S., and Europe. The term "oxygen therapy" refers to any product or treatment based on the false theory that cancer, infections, HIV, and degenerative diseases are caused by oxygen deficiency.

    Such therapies purport to deliver high levels of oxygen to tissues and thereby kill cancer cells, eliminate pathogens, stimulate metabolism, and produce "oxidative detoxification." They include: hydrogen peroxide therapy, involving intravenous infusion, ingestion, colonic administration, or soaking in hydrogen peroxide solution; ozone colonics and ozone autohemotherapy, in which blood is bubbled with ozone and reinjected; hyperbaric oxygen chambers; and "oxygenated" water, pills, and solutions.

    No scientific evidence supports their marketing claims; studies show that oxygen neither prevents nor inhibits cancer growth and tumors grow rapidly in tissues that are well supplied with oxygen.

    Even if "oxygenated" products contain the oxygen levels they claim, oxygen is not likely to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

    Ingestion or use of hydrogen peroxide enemas can cause lethal gas embolism (1) (19) (20) and colitis-induced sepsis and gangrene (3), while its intravenous injection has led to acute hemolytic crisis and death (18) (21) (28).

    Transmission of blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV is reported after treatment with contaminated autohemotherapy devices (17). Oxygen radicals released by ozone and hydrogen peroxide may be mutagenic. The American Cancer Society urges cancer patients not to seek treatment with hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy, or other "hyperoxygenation" therapies. Oxygen therapies should not be recommended

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