Had a colonoscopy...(not for the light hearted)

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    I had a colonoscopy last Friday. I had gone on a 5-day cruise with some friends (we can talk about THAT later) and when they dropped me off, I personally drove myself to my gastroenterologist. She of course found inner and outer hemmorrhoids, as well as a "fisher" ( cut inside the rectum) and because of this coupled with my constant IBS, ordered a colonoscopy the following day.

    When the results came back, she had removed polyps, several diverticuli ( I know now that I have diverticulitis as well) and showed me the pics of my colon. Guys, it was black. I'm talking coffee black. Then she showed me a picture of a healthy colon, which is pinkish.

    Right now, I cannot describe the pain I am in. Sitting, standing, laying down, it doesn't matter, and it's been a week. Here comes the really touchy and graphic part, so don't read if you are male and don't want to here this...the perineum is now the most sensistive area. I had to look, you know us gals, we have to see. Well, it has small teeny tiny puss-filled dots all around it, and it hurts sooooooo much! I have all the OTC and prescribed meds I can possibly use, but nothing is working. I even have a numbing medication, but it's not numbing!

    Anyway, have any of you ever had a colonoscopy come back like that, and what has it meant for you? I really would appreciate your feedback. I am just a bit worried, as colon cancer is a BIG BIG thing in my family.

    Thanks all,
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    She has me coming in for a CT next week, and the big C was mentioned, but she didn't scare me to pieces yet. She gave me metamucil and Miralax to use, and said that possibly laxatives did this. I don't use laxatives, even though I get constipated quite frequently.

    To top it all off, the cruise line lost my luggage and my four friends were sitting in the car as I was driving myself to the dr, yelling to me to call my husband to report the luggage missing. I was in so much pain, I couldn't respond. He is an executive in meetings all day long, wouldn't have known the number to call, yadda yadda. I asked them to call me please with the number so I could report it, and well, needless to say, I reported it the following day, the day of THE colonoscopy after finding the number myself. They were closed when I got home from the dr.'s office that night, so it had to wait. It was really an eye-opening experience.

    I'm mainly worried about the color of my colon, and what this means to me.
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    Thank you. Wow you do your research fast, because I've been looking for an answer and haven't found one yet. The intriguing thing is that I don't use laxatives. However, I do use a boutiful amount of vitamins, but the usual for most FMSers and CFIDSers. Right now, I've cut them ALL out, for fear of which one or which combination could possibly be the culprit. It could be that none of them are doing it!

    I'm really feeling the loss of my vitamins, too. Of course, she is a gastroenterologist, and hasn't been involved in my life for long, so she isn't aware of the extent to which those vitamins help me. I'll need to talk to her more extensively to find out which ones she deems "ok" to my colon, and go from there.

    Thanks for your interest and fast reply.
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    Stormy you are a lot quicker than me. I found this about the type of laxatives. Melanosis coli usually results from chronic use of laxatives of the anthranoid group. Anthranoids are compounds naturally occurring in many plant laxatives including aloe, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, rhubarb and senna.

    Do any of these plants sound like anything in your vitamin or supplement regimen?

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    I have been taking some herbal remedies that include those you listed, so it must be that. I will need to completely check out what is in what much better now ( I suppose this should have been done long ago)and then I'll get that nice pink glow in my colon again.

    Thanks for even looking -- after the title, I was sure that there wouldn't be a response. LOL The past 2 weeks have just been pure dirt, and next week I have every single day taken up with a doctor's appt, minus one day, if I am correct.

    Things HAVE to get better...right now, they just can't get much worse.

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