Had a FUN morning...Happy!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. fivesue

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    Boy, I've had a long, dry spell feeling lousy, and I have basically been at home for weeks. So, today as the sun was shining and most of the chores were kinda done (kinda!), I decided to go look at my three favorite thrift stores.

    What fun. I was gone for about 2 hours, and I found some great bargains. Found a pain of Rockport walking shoes in like-new (just a little dust on the soles) for $8.00. Wow. Now that's a deal. Found a pair of jeans for $1.90...like-new, also. As my dad is very ill,and he loves to read, I looked for mysteries for him as he called the other day and told me he was out. I'll get them in the mail tomorrow. I could wait until we see them for Thanksgiving, but think I'll send these so he'll have them to occupy his time.

    So, instead of being housebound and ill, I was a normal person shopping for bargains. It was just fun. My feet are killing me now, and I'm tired and hungry, but it's a good feeling.

    I do hope many of you have had some good experiences today. So often I tell you what's bad, but I wanted you to know what's great today.

  2. Rosiebud

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    is great. I love it when I can go out for a little while, to feel normal again like you said.

    I did that on Sunday and went for lunch and a couple of shops and really enjoyed myself.

    Good bargains too.

  3. Bailey-smom

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    I love to bargin hunt! You got some good deals. Don't you feel better when the sun is out and the work is done (hee hee)?!

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow as well!

  4. atiledsner

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    Hi, I'm a thrift store shopper too!I love it!Sounds like you got some great deals.About 30 miles from me are about 7 stores,I shopped there almost every week for a while.I've had back [7 discs at once] and neck surgery [a new bone made for my neck and a titanium plate put in], so I've slowed down a lot.I had a business for about 10 years doing ceramic tile murals and backsplashes.Both of my parents became ill at the same time[cancer].I closed my business and took care of them until they passed on.My grandmother passed then a few weeks later.My husband was called to Iraq for a year.We are now going through a divorce.I can't seem to jumpstart my life and energy again.I know it takes time to heal. I read the posts about what people hated the most about being ill.I can relate to a lot of the answers anddon't feel so alone anymore.Well enough about that.Do you shop for specific things? I love anything to do with houses,redecorating,redoing....Dianne a tiledsner.
  5. fivesue

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    My goodness! You have had a huge amount of tragedy and stress in your life recently. My goodness, how are you still standing? I am so impressed with you. Thanks for answering.

    I shop for whatever I can find, but I do like re-decorating stuff. I also like to read, and I can get books dirt cheap and when I'm done with them, I can donate them back to another thrift store. I'm buying books for my dad who is terminally ill because he loves to read, also. My mom doesn't so it's up to me to get him some good mysteries! (-:

    How long ago was your surgery? I can't imagine the rehab time for something like that. MY!

    Mu best wishes for you and your trials right now. You have some real tragedies to recover from. Treat yourself well, and I'm so glad you posted here and are joining our board. It's just great/