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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Pixie, Mar 2, 2002.

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    Hello all, well how was your day? I went to work, came home and did any and every thing I wanted to, call my girls, they were ok, not real good, but enough that I stayed home, ate 3 times, cleaned house, watched tv, talked a lot on phone, that was good for me, haven't done that in a long time.
    my daughter and have our reservations for May 3,4,5th fms confrence in Fl. and I am sooooo excieted, we're gonna shop till we drop, get in the jacuzzie, eat,eat,and eat, and at the comfrence am really hopeing to get info, or some help for her, some of you may not know, but willow (board name) is my daughter she has the worst case of fibromyalgia, this girl never gave any trouble as a child, she is a joy to me, and to anyone who knows her, her faith is soooo strong, but this awful illness has stripped her of so much, and I have to find something, anything, some way, some how, to make it better for her, I have a fms support group of 173 members, abserving, not one of them is as bad as she, there are times, not too many lately, that we have good times, and I miss that so much, and don't you know she does?
    Well, my friends, better get to bed, work tomorrow, then see who needs me the most and hollers the loudest. now what would I do if no one needed me?
    take care, and God bless
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    You are such a wonderful loving person. If nobody needed you you would find someone who did.
    Glad you had such a good day. I am glad that neither of your girls needed you desperately today. That in itself probably was the best of all. Getting to talk on the phone when you haven't done it for a while must also be a nice break.
    I have been going for accupuncture and it feels so good to not hurt the way I was. I am actually looking forward to planting more rose bushes and lots of flowers and vegetables this year. I may even expand all three of my gardens and make them 4 or 5. Depends how co-operative Don and Danny are.
    Raymond my oldest son is coming this week with his son Sean. he is 15 months old and I don't get to see them much. His wife has a full time job but Raymond right now is on EI and only working on weekends so Christie can't come so I will not have to share Sean. Grandma heaven.
    take care of yourself and pass on the info from the conference.
    luv and hugs
    mom lynda
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    Good to hear from you, as I read your post, was thinking of my 4 grandkids, not babies anymore, youngest is 11 oldest 18, my oldest daughter has 3, willow has 1, and lucky they had her before hubby got hurt, I know they wanted more, and would adopt but she got this fibromyalgia, and takes all she can do with a quad husband, if you read my profile, you know my interest is nature, so planting flowers with your boys and shean will be something they remember the rest of their lives, hope your weather is good, here in Fl it is overcast, which would be perfact to be outside. but I gotta work then again see who needs me.
    Now, momlynda you have a great weekend and let me hear from you, k?

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