Had a hemorrhage (rather graphic just to warn you)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MiahRoo, Aug 23, 2003.

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    This evening out of no where I suddenly felt this absolute gush (graphic word I know but that's the only one to explain it) of blood. My menstrual cycle is just about over...at the point where I don't even need to use anything for it. It was a LOT of blood. So much that out of instinct I shoved my hand down to try to catch it all but it got all over the bed, soaked through the sheets, the mattress pad, and the matress itself. When I stood up it got all over the floor. I called my fiance (who was in his computer room) he just stared at me open mouthed. My hands were completely covered in blood. It looked like I had just murdered somebody with a kitchen knife. My legs were soaked in blood...everything was soaked in blood. Gross to hear I know but it was really scary. I didn't go into the hospital. My mother is a nurse so I called her and she told me to just keep close eye on it, take an iron suppliment, and if I felt at all worried go into the ER. I'm very tired and my sides hurt a bit, but other than that I seem fine now. This has never happened to me before.

    I guess I'm posting this to see if anybody else has ever had this experience? I looked up all my medications and none of them listed this as a side effect, alone or mixed together. I was shaking quite a bit when it happened, not just out of shock or fear. I don't have a fever. I don't know what to think. Any advice out there? Thanks for listening as always.
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    I don't know how old you are. This happened to me right before my 13th birthday (and 6 months after my period started). I woke up and my bed was covered in blood. Turns out my hormones were out of whack and I needed to be regulated. Doctor gave me some sort of hormone pills (I was 13 - I don't know what they were). It did the trick and I was regular ever since. Maybe you're in perimenopause and your hormones aren't right. I think you need to go to your gynecologist ASAP. Bleeding like that isn't something to be overlooked!

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    Well I'm only 20 years old. My body is just always a constant source of odd symptoms and weird events. I'm just so sick of rushing to the ER or the doc every few days. It's so frustrating. I don't have any gut feeling that this is a huge problem, though it certainly was and still is scary. I'll call my gyno on monday morning. I had a pap and everything in april and everything was fine and dandy so who knows what this was all about. I'm feeling rather nauseated but that's not unusual for me at bed time and my sides hurt a bit but nothing too strange. I'm not bleeding at all anymore. But thanks for your advice. Always appreciated. I have this silly fear that I'm going to bleed to death in my sleep tonight though. lol. You know how that goes...sometimes you just end up freaking yourself out because of all the odd symptoms. I've had plenty of fluids...probably going to be up all night going to the bathroom. :p Took my iron suppliments to make sure I'm okay with that and have been taking my temp to make sure there is no fever. So far, so good. :) Well off to attempt sleep. Wish me luck! (And thanks again)
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    Not to tell you that your mom was wrong but it is not normal in anyway to hemmorage like you discribed , have you ever had cysts on your ovaries? Somethimes they can do things like this. If you are feeling sick to your stomach too are you in any pain on your right side/ I get a really strong feeling that YOU NEED to get checked NOW. YOu really need to be seen ASAP to find out just how low your hemicrit is and what if this happens afain like in the middle of the night you could have had a clot and lost more blood that you lthink you have done. I hemrooaged after the birth of my first daughter and Lost so much blood that I need blood transfusions but my veins had collaped from the loss of blood. I did this several time during the years that I had periods and just before my hysterectomy I really had alot of heavy bleeding. I think and mind you that I am a MOM and get strange feelings but it is I feel better for you to get this taken care of now before it happens again, I don't mean to scar to . But it sounds like this has not happened to you before during this time in your cycle so maybe you should get it checked out so that it doesn't happen again. And the drinking water is good you don't want to get dehyrated . Remember that I am just being a mom and if that happened to my daughter ( I have one who is 21.,18, and 25. I would make then go to the ER and gdt it taken care of. Rosemarie I know just what you need another mother take care and If anything happens again just go and get checked out ok
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    With absolutely no disrespect to your mother - seek medical attention ASAP.

    Not to scare you, but my mother had rectal bleeding/gushing (cause was years and years of use of Advil) Do you take or did you take any Advil (ibuprophen) last night or recently? A young nurse in ER told me she couldn't take Advil because it caused her periods to be extremely heavy (to the point of gushing)

    Sadly, the last time my mother had gushing bleeding (& I took her to the ER) was from her bladder and it was cancer. She was gone within a week.

    So you see Miahroo, from all the responses, that it could be a variety of things causing it - including the Cyst RoseMarie brought. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

    and we have all had a variety of reasons for blood gushing
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    Needs to be checked out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Get that checked out by a doc. I experienced that several times when I had endometriosis, I actually ended up in emergency surgery in 1993 and the cause of the hemorrhaging was a football size tumor. Definitely call your doc.

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    I'm feeling pretty decent today. Regular fibro stuff is bothering me but it always does at this time of day. My mom did originally tell me to go in but I protested for various reasons. This sounds rather loopy but a few people in my family (my mother included) have these intense 'gut feeling's'. For lack of a better term to describe them. For instance, when my mother broke her foot I knew it even though I wasn't even there. I know when I'm going to get a cold a week before the first symptom comes. When somebody tried to break into our apartment I had 'the feeling' as I call it all day before it had happened. I ran into the kitchen just a few days ago because of one of those feelings and caught my cat as he fell from the top of the cabinets. I know that sounds nuts but it's something I trust and live my life by.

    If I had a bad 'gut feeling' about last night I would have gone in right that second. But I didn't. I was scared of course...but that feeling wasn't there. I've never had any cysts (sp?) but my aunt on my mother's side has had them among a zillion other problems with reproductive organs.

    Reading what I wrote last night is strange to me because if I were looking at it as if somebody else wrote it I'd tell them to go in asap. I'm still drinking plenty of fluids. No fever. I don't take advil anymore so that wouldn't have been the problem. This is basically a mystery. My mom had a very close friend years back that would hemorrhage about 4-5 times a year with her period yet they found nothing to be wrong with her. I'm going to go to my gyno on monday (tomorrow) to check everything out but until then I'm just keeping a very close eye on my body. What feels normal, what feels like fibro stuff, and what is out of the ordinary. I'm bleeding again, regular period bleeding...but that is rather strange since I was nearly finished with the whole cycle and now it's bleeding a little more heavily. That's not normal for me. But I feel okay. I'm going to finish painting the dresser table that I started yesterday and go about my day as usual, just with some extra caution. I really appreciate all of your ideas/guesses/suggestions. I really value and cherish this site. I'll let you know what's up after I go into the doctor either tomorrow, or today if I end up needing to go in. Thanks again everyone!
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    Just noticed your post. Haven't had it for quite awhile though...but in my case it is caused by narrowing of the cervix due to two prior cone surgeries for dysplasia (can't spell).

    Everything will just stop for me, followed by intense cramping for at times a whole day...then the gush and relief from the pain. Does not make life interesting to say the least.

    Hopefully your appt will shed some light on the subject.