Had A Massage Today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Mikie

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    Y'all aren't going to believe this, but my Toyota dealership offers free chair massages while you wait for your car (or, you can stop in anytime you want when you are out). She does accept tips. It's about a 15 minute massage of the arms, neck, and back. She was very good and did a myofacial release type of massage on me.

    I actually felt stuff being "rolled up" and massaged away on my right shoulder as she worked. She said this was toxin debris. I feel soooooo good, I will probably go to her center for a full massage. I may ask my doc to see if insurance will pay for it.

    It was not painful at all, but my tender spots aren't very tender anymore because of the Guai treatment. I did tell her I had FMS.

    Love, Mikie
  2. 2girls

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    Hi Mikie -

    I had a massage today too, and it was wonderful! Drank plenty of water all day to flush out the toxins. I am now ready to soak in a very hot bath..
    I am hoping tomorrow will be as pain free as possible.
    Fortunatly our insurance now covers massage, so I will be returning. My therapist is great and is somewhat FM educated - she also specializes in lymphanic drainage.
    I am blessed.

  3. joannie1

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    PLEASE... take me with you next time :) I soo desperately need something. I would go have my oil changed weekly if i were you. Buy a packaged deal at a discount.
    Take care okay.
  4. healing

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    Mikie, I get this kind of myofascial release massage every week -- I don't know how my physical therapist would describe what he does...sometimes it's so minute that I can hardly tell he's doing anything! But anyway, it's physical therapy, so my insurance covers at least some of it.

    I generally don't go for real massages because my bod is so reactive -- if my lovely daughter treats me to time at a spa, I'll usually go for hot stones or something non-invasive like that. The therapy I receive can be painful, and it leaves me fatigued, sore and achy for about 24-36 hours; after that, I feel much much better.

    Anyway, happy you had a great experience today, and I hope you can figure out a way for your insurance to cover such beneficial treatments.
  5. ruby7

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    I use to go every other week but my Dr. said you Must go every week!! I said Yesss sir!! The last 3 weeks have been 1 1/2 hr. appts. and wonderful! I also go to Pt. & they sugested I try water therapy. Also I've been going to curves and they said my ins. may pay for it! I sure hope so. I wish everyone could have massages, when I first started I did have painful areas & still have a few spots now & then but in the long term I have improved soo much.