Had a really good couple of days with my horses.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by erfula1, May 21, 2006.

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    I rode my new horse for a few hours yesterday and then we went to a racking horse show with our new friends and it was great. They took 10 horses and placed 1st and 2nd in every class they showed in.

    Then today we went over there again and I rode my horse for 2 hours. He is so awesome. The guy I bought him from is our new friend and he trains them and shows them for a living. He is working with me and this horse for a couple weeks and then he is going to finish out my TN walking horse. We are gonna start showing them as soon as we get the transmission put in my hubby's big truck.

    Horses are the best therapy for me even if it was one that broke my ribs, LOL. I found a picture of me the other day when I was about 2 years old on this big ole quarter horse. It was cute. I remember the first time I was thrown from one I was 6 years old and my daddy made me get right back on it. I was scared then but I've always gotten right back on them every since. Tuesday makes three weeks since my ribs were broken and I am already riding again. I did get rid of that horse though cause it was crazy.

    He was also supposed to be my son's horse and the man we bought him from said he was broke for anyone to ride. My son has been riding less than a year and isn't very experienced yet. I am so glad I was on that horse instead of him. Needless to say the guy came and got him and gave us our money back. I am still thinking of suing him cause he actually had run an ad in the paper that he was safe for children to ride. I found out he had only had the horse for 3 weeks!!!! I've lost almost a month of pay and I'll have the ER visit and xrays to pay for cause I don't have insurance. I am very tempted to and I am not sue happy.

    Anyway I just wanted to share that I have had a couple of really good days and Lord knows that I needed them after the few weeks of horrible pain I've had. My back is still bothering me and my ribs too off and on but I am feeling much better mentally.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. sixtyslady

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    glad to hear your riding again. my sister just called yesterday and reminded me about the horse show on Fathers Day.
    my husband is taking our Grandson in lead line on our older arabian mare. and then he showing dakota at halter.
    Dakota is picture on my profile.
    I haven"t gotten around to putting a picture of our Mini donkey up yet but will try to do it this week some time. have fun and enjoy. Happy Trails , sixtyslady
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    SixtysLady your horse is beautiful!!! Is he a paint?

    I am going to take pictures of my horse soon and then I will post one. I love them so much. It would kill me if I got to where I couldn't ride.

    That is one thing I love about my gaited horse. THey are very smooth riding and I think that is why they don't hurt me to ride. Well, at least you still get to be around them. I don't know about you but with me if I don't feel like riding I love to just pet and groom them and spend time with them. It relaxes me.

    Good luck at the show!!!!
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    I just love talking about my horse! She is my therapy too. I am having a ball and I feel like something is missing when I can't ride. i am goint to the beach for 10 days and I am a little blue about leaving Nightingale.

    Talk abou your babies all you want I love to listen. it is sad that some horse people can be unscrupulous and they give everyone a bad name. My trainer buys and resells alot of ponies but she is very honbest abou them and the type of rider they need. she has a good eye for them and we have plenty of kids test them out while they are being trained.

    I would love to hear more about your horses and what you are up to. I love to watch gaited horses. they have so much grace and they do look very smooth. I have a hunter (picture in my profile) and I am dabbling in eventing and dressage.

    Have fun and keep us updated on how you are doing! Lynn
  5. Kathleen12

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    I am so glad to see some "horsey" people here. I am brand new to this board and am glad I have something in common other than cfs/fm.
    Before I was "diagnosed" I was a therapeutic riding instructor and am so depressed that I can no longer ride or work with the children.
    I was riding dressage a little on one of our Arabians and training the new horses to the progaram. I can still ride on good days, but our facility is 65 miles from my home and I don't have any of my own.
    On my bad days, though, if a horse was groomed,tacked and brought to my fromt porch, I wouldn't be able to ride.
    I'll have to look at the profiles so I can see the pics of the horses you all have.
  6. erfula1

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    Great picture! I am going to take pics of my horses soon and I will put them in my profile. My walking horse was underweight when I bought him and we are fattening him up right now. I want to wait till he's fatter to take pics.

    We went on a short trail ride today and we are going on a 6 hour ride tomorrow. I love it. Today was DH's first trail ride and he had a blast. He has a leg amputation and he rode without his prosethesis which made me nervous cause we went down big hills and through water and stuff but he did great. Our racking gelding is awesome though and he does so good with hubby.

    I want to work with disabled children and my horses when I get to where I am working at home. My racking gelding would be perfect because anyone can ride him and he is very gentle. I don't want to do anything big but just have it so I can work with one or two children. I think it would be wonderful.

    I wish everyone loved horses like I do. They are such great therapy.

    Well, I gotta go to bed so I can get up early in the morning.