had a rheumy appt today...

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    He said I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia, (um Duh). He said dont listen to what chiropractors say because they dont know what they are talking about.. Yet my chiro is the ONLY DR who has figured out that I have insulin resistance.He said he doesnt look at blood work, he only treats symptoms. SO in other words lets mask the symptoms and never treat the root of the problem, GRRR. What a genious he is!!!! The most frustrating thing is I keep telling my Docs that I was on blood thinners and they helped immensely. Yet they refuse to put me back on them. My blood disorder states in the medical dictionary (which I have) that it causes blood clots, right there in black and white. Also, I have to talked to a few other women with the same blood disorder who didn't get treated until AFTER they suffered several miscarriages... I am trying to avoid that. I dont want to go through that, but at this point that is the only way they will treat me. By than I was crying because I am so tired of Drs saying "I cant help you". So he proceeds to say are you depressed? my reply, no. He said than why are you crying? *News Flash* If you are crying you are automatically depressed!!! I am sooo glad I know that now. Here all this time I thought I was crying out of frustration, but it is depression! So here are some more anit-depressants, which by the way make me depressed LOL!!! Evidently I dont know when I am depressed. I was nervous but Not depressed!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. So he drew some blood (worst blod draw in my life). He is doing a thyroid panel, a serum panel?, and a Protein C. Personally I hope the Protein C comes back positive... than I can tell them to shove their education up their A**!! With my luck it will be normal, and they will still deem me as "psychotic".

    I dont have much fight left in me, I just want to give up.

    Sorry for the LOOOOONG post but I REALLY needed to vent.
    Thanks guys,
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    Hi Abi,

    Drs. can be so annoying! Who diagnosed you with
    the blood problem (and what is it)? Why did the dr.
    who initially diagnosed it take you off the blood thinners? Are they going by Protime blood tests? Do they have you taking aspirin at least?

    I, too, am insulin resistant and have polycystic ovarian disease, which is diagnosed via fasting insulin.
    Are you taking glucophage for that?

    I hate it when I cry at drs. appts. It is just that drs
    can be so frustrating! One dr. accused me of having
    anxiety that was causing intense pain and nausea!
    Why, you ask? Because I wrote down lists to ask or
    tell him and it was single-spaced! Guess what? The
    paper I used was lined and single spaced! This
    dr. made me cry and I was so angry and still am
    at him. Drs. can be so insensitive and stupid.
    I have met many drs. who are absolutely angels.
    Of course, they are never primary drs or fms
    specialists. They are specialists for something else!
    We need more of the good ones on our side!

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I know how you feel!
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    The Dr who initially put me on blood thinners put me on them because I have Hypofibinolysis (sp?) in other words too mucn fibrin in the blood. I also have a homozygous MTHFR gene defect which can cause blood clots. He never took me off the blood thinners. I lost my insurance. Since than I have moved to another state and none of the drs here seem to be familiar with those blood conditions.

    Thanks for you support, I need as much as I can get. I am going back to my primary care Dr to see where I can go next.