Had a scary turn last night - (Updated)

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    **Had a dr's appointment this afternoon.**
    Started off the day feeling great, but got worse as the day went on :(
    Ended up feeling so weak I could barely get in the car :( Honestly I had to really put effort into getting my butt up & get the 10 or so metres to the car :(
    BP was up slightly & pulse was pretty normal for me. He said that my heart & chest sounded fine. Tenderness & pain in all the normal places & the centre of my chest is radiating heat (what's new...)
    He believes that what's happening is because I've been overdoing it majorly, of late. So I'm to take my muscle relaxants as needed. I can barely hold my eyes open right now the exhaustion is just so extreme :( And my eyes hurt bad, they wont track properly :(
    As for it being my heart, all the dr's in the clinic seem to think that it's not. I've been in there before during episodes (have had many now over the years,) & it's always shown nothing. I've had numerous ECG's, blood work afterwards, & a holter montior (no episodes whilst it was on,) & everything always comes back normal.
    I feel that it's my heart, they think that it's not. I've asked to be checked out further & have been told that it's not necessary....

    Thankyou all for your concern & support for me, I really don't know where I go with this from now, should I speak to my rhuemy??

    Oh & for who asked about why I made reference to a nurse. I rang the hospital the night that it happened & got one of the night nurses. It was this woman that instructed me to take panadol & NOT my muscle relaxants. My dr thought this was a little odd when I told him it today.


    Had a turn last night, a really bad one :( Scared the living daylights out of me :(
    I had been feeling pretty good today, but by late afternoon was a little off colour & when I kissed my eldest daughter goodnight my heart skipped a bit.
    After I put the kids to bed I had to drop around to SIL's to pick up best friends Postie pants & the moment I got into the car my neck/chest/arms started burning unbelievably.
    I came home without getting to SIL's & came into the lounge to sit down. My chest was really hot & heavy & to touch my ribcage was agony. I was feeling really dizzy & crappy, so I just sat on the lounge. If I tried to move or stand I felt really faint. Sitting was deffinately a better option.
    The pain throughout my body got worse & worse. Hot & burning & I felt like I couldn't hold my head up from the pain through my neck & shoulders. I could feel my muscles spasming all over :(
    I stood up to try & get to our bed & almost passed out. Jace had to help me. Everything was spinning.
    My heart then started to 'funk around', & I really felt like I was going to do a swan dive. I felt so weak.
    Lying on our bed intensified the muscle pain, but helped a little with the dizzy sensation. To start with the pain was so bad & my head was spinning so much that I was going to get Jace to call an ambulance.
    But after doing some deep breathing & closing my eyes I could cope a little better with the pain, but still felt extremely bad.
    I got the shakes, & pins & needles (normal for me after a pain episode, nurse said is shock,) & started pee'ing & pooping like mad (TMI sorry!)
    I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm refluxing badly & feel very very nauseous. My muscles although a little better are still killing me. I've taken panadol, but the nurse didn't want me to take my muscle relaxant. Seems to think that it could have been dehydration related. The only thing that I did differently yesterday was drank two glasses of tea.
    I've never had anything happen this quick before. I was honestly feeling reasonably okay & then BAM I instantly felt very VERY sick :(


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    Lisa I hope you are feeling better today I get palpatations sometimes but never as bad as you were I also get a wave of feeling unwell would like to step out of my body for a while .I am in Bendigo vic and the heat and the humidity lately has been unbearable so maybe it was dehidration I always get a headache when I am.I then drink a sports drink as it seems to rehidrate quickly . goodluck
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    I am so sorry you went through this - could it have been some sort of virus, allergic reaction to something you are or breathed or a medication, pinched nerve from spine, ulcers or esophagus problem - definitely I don't think our bodies would do this for no reason.

    I hope your doctor can do a complete work-up on you and see what is going on - yes including your heart.

    It almost sounds like some sort of virus, do you think it could be?

    Today I was very sick suddenly - nausea "with heaves" and aching. I have a slight cold so I took alot of vitamin C yesterday - actually 3000 mg of the liquid "Emergen C". I wonder if this was what they call a "herxing" reaction.

    Do you think you could have had a herxing reaction for some reason? (After my reaction I fell asleep for a few hours and seem much better when I woke up).

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    Boy you should definitely go to the dr. It sounded like a heart attack to me too. I do get palpatations, nauseated, dizzy and all of that, but this may be more. Let us know what happens.

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    Love Anne
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    I'm going to see my dr this afternoon, will report here how it goes ;)
    I've had similar happen before & have been rushed to the A&E, but my heart tests always come back normal (bloods & ECG.)
    Yesterday I was exhausted all day, but today I am feeling alot better. Well alot better for me anyways ;)
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    Please read my post on stroke symptoms. Tho this does sound like the heart. Best to go to ER and get checked.
  8. darude

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    Symptoms of Heart Disease — For Women
    Women may experience early symptoms of cardiovascular disease differently than men. The symptoms in women can be far subtler. If you or any woman you know shows these signs, seek medical attention right away.

    Shortness of breath, often without chest pain of any kind
    Flu-like symptoms — specifically nausea, clamminess or cold sweats
    Unexplained fatigue, weakness or dizziness
    Pain in the chest, upper back, shoulders, neck, or jaw
    Feelings of anxiety, loss of appetite, discomfort
    If you even suspect these symptoms, call your doctor. If urgent, call 911 (or your local emergency number if outside the U.S.) or go to a local hospital's emergency room. If you have any doubts, talk to your healthcare provider.

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    I,m a bit confused about your reference to the Nurse. DID YOU SEE A DR? lISA has these pains ever happened like this before because it also could be a sign that you are having heart problems. My husband had similar thing happened days before a major heart attack. Pls make sure you get checked. Hope you feel better now.
    hugs debness
  10. lease79

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    updated above ;)
  11. lease79

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    bumping for those who wanted to know how my appt went.

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