Had a small car accident on freeway...

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    Even thought it was small, it was pretty stressful for me.
    We just got back today from going to visit our kids up north.
    We decided to go early to miss traffic Sat. morning. My hubby, Austin, and myself knelt down in prayer before we left, and asked our son Austin to say a prayer before we left. We do this before we go anywhere that's far from home.
    As we got onto the freeway, we had already noticed that there was slush on the road. Didn't think much of that. Then as we got on the ramp, noticed it wasn't slush, but icy. We took it easy getting on, saw right away flashing lights..an accident. Then, not even a mile later, more lights, and other cars without help yet, and also could see where cars had slid off, and gotten back on. Everyone was poking along..good thing right? Just as I said....the people that are getting onto the freeway, don't realize how bad it is on here. And sure enough, as I was saying that, I look to my right, and there is a small car, with a man...bless his heart, the look on his face, and his arms straightened out and hands clenched to that steering wheel...comes right at us. He hit us all along the right side of our little SUV, and we were very blessed to not go sliding into the middle and fast lane. Scott handled it well. I looked back to see if any others were were coming right behind him, and saw two others sliding right behind him, then, two others behind them. We pulled up a ways away from the ramp, the guy following. I got out just knowing what the side of my truck was going to look like. I pictured my whole side dented in. But, it wasn't! There is a small gray door guard on the bottom half of the truck. Well, with the size of that guys car, it hit that. There are small little chunks of it out, but no big deal. He only had a broken front light. I was nervous being out there, meaning, out of a vehicle with all the traffic sliding around, so we all decided that we were fine. The two cars behind us left, but the other two must have hit harder, probably because they hadn't hit the ice yet, just trying to stop in time for the sliders. I know, we left the scene of an accident. Trust me, the highway patrol probably were grateful for the people that could be ok with the small dents. Scott and I had already counted at least 6 highway patrol cars before we got hit, and, there was a small car turned completely around up against the middle wall, waiting for help. The man that hit us, and ourselves decided to get off the next exist. It was fine in town until we came to an overpass..more lights, and traffic was being detoured to the left and around that area, the roads were fine. We have a large lake right close there, so there must have been a lot of fog all night, and on top of the moisture and the packing down from cars and trucks, it was very slick. As we got off the next exist, we saw two more highway patrol cars, not 75 ft. apart from each other in the south lane. We were heading north. We saw a lot of salt trucks out trying to get the salt down, but that freeway was like an ice skating rink for several miles. I called my daughter. She checked the freeway out online, and told us where it should be fine to get back on. Sure enough, only the next couple of towns over. So we went through the two two towns, and got on dry road. Then it got sunny the more north we went. It's usually the other way around!! Lake affect. I'm sure this had to be on our news. Didn't see the news, we were finally at our kids house safely, and having a great time with them. In all my years of driving on a freeway, I've never seen the freeway this bad. I've seen bad fog and storms, but nothing like this. So many cars sliding and spinning!
    Whew! I believe in the power of prayer, and, inspiration of the spirit.
    I'm praying for all of those other people we saw on the side of the road. I really don't think anyone got hurt, everyone was going slow, except for the ones that were coming on and didn't notice how slow traffic was.
    Still nice up north as we left this morning, and snowing here. Oh well, we need the moisture!
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    I like the thought of those angels.
    Doing ok, I keep having reruns.
    Rain, where do you live? Just wondering with all that you have..animals, land, gardens, and all. You probably said at one time, my brain just plain ol forgot.
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    Iam so glad those accidents werent serious ones and that you are still around.

    I thank the Lord and ask for protection to all from disasters and misfortune.

    God Bless
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    to surround us and keep us safe. I am so glad that He protects us from things. We probably don't even know how close we have come to disaster sometimes , because He has been watching over us.

    In His Grace,