Had a VERY scarey experience happen today..could I be next...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fificat, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. fificat

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    Hello everyone..
    hope you all are doing well but I'll get to what happened today..
    Well I'm a manager at a bagel shop and it was a usaual monday morning. Slowly all my empolyees started to show up. I have one woman that is 34 yrs that works for me and as usaual she came in at 7 am but this morning she looked as if she was spaced out. I knewn something was wrong so I asked her to to come to the back with me and as she took a step in front of me she strated to go limp so I grabed her and tryed to catch her but she wieghterd to much for me. It was all just dead weight. So to make a long story short I knewn right then by the way things were happening she was having a stroke. ( I have EMS training) I called 911 she ended up having a major stroke. But it was so od to me because she was so alert and responsive. She is dong good now.Little movement on the left side of body and speaking as if nothing happening. But do you guys ever think about the fact that we are on or have been on so many medications that it could be us having a stroke. It just was so shocking to me because she is so young and doesnt not smoke nor has she ever smoked. They have no clue what even caused this to happen to her... I dont know I just needed to ask if anyone else ever worries about it.. I mean I thought about the risks but never really thought it could happen to me ... Im only 24 but 10 yrs its that big of a difference..

    I guess reality just hit me
    your age doesnt matter
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    I know what you mean... My mother had a brain hemmorhage at the age of 33. I'm 30. It'd be nice to think we're immune, but hard to keep that illusion when you see such obvious illustrations...

    BTW- good for you for taking EMS training- do you respond as an EMT while you are in paramedic school? That's a busy life!

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  3. fificat

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    I do.. I have a really busy life.. but in a way it helps me keep me mind off the pain and I Don't suffer from the depressin that I use to when I just stayed at home.
    My busy life..
    Work at the bagel shop from 4 am to 12pm mon -fri
    I only have to take 3 classes this semster so
    school mon, tues, thurs, 1:30-3:00pm 1 class every 8 weeks
    But they are really easy classes... review classes of the laws..hippa classes..you know
    Then I come home take over the duty of watching my daughter because my husband works 2nd shift 4pm the 12am.

    Then every other weekend the work as an EMT for my county. Theres just so much more that you can do for people when you are a paramedic. But I still work very well under pressure and love the fact that I go home making a difference in someones life. Theres nothing like someone you dont know calling you at the station and thank you for saving there life.
    I just have an advantage over some people with FM because my pain is fine in the morning but when I'm in a flare it's terrible at night. I've just always had the problem with being tried in the morning but I take provigil and have had much sucess with it. I just refuse to take a stimulate.
  4. lilione

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    but I stroked June 11th. I also had no contributing factors. Never drank, smoked, low cholesterol, Ideal Body weight, exercise best I can. I really think everyone has something. I wouldn't waste my time worrying about it. I also kept my higher functions, could speak etc.
    I will say stress could be a key factor for many. I had an extremely stressful job. Just a thought.
    Keep Happy Thoughts. Lili
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