Had an EMG today Madwolf please read

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    My family Dr.was actually listening when I told her about my fingers,arms and tops of shoulders going numb all the time.She sent me to a Nuerologist and he did an EMG.It measures nerve stimulation(i think).They first use a probe that send shocks through your arms,then comes the needle.It's a very fine needle attached to a machine that looks lke an ultrasound machine.He pokes the needle in various parts of my arm,one at a time,and makes you squeeze tat area.Talk about painful! The worst was in my upper arm,which bled alot and briused and knotted up very quickly.No,the worst was actually when he stuck tat needle into the back of my neck 3 times.OUCH!!! All that took about 30 mins.I almost hit the ceiling when I went to pay my 20% ofthe bill,it was $1,383.00!!! And that was after him telling me he really didn't see much of a problem.You can imagine how stressed out this made me.My shoulders started to spasm and the headache was on! Then I hurry home to bathe and go to bed since I work midnight shift and was way past bedtime for me,got my pinkie toe caught in pj legs and dislocated it!!!Needless to say,didn't go to work tonight and can't sleep for the pain.Guess it will be another trip to doc in the morn to get toe back in place.Maybe I should have listened to my massage therapist when she told me the numbness was caused by my shoulder spasms.Madwolf,any input on EMG's? Could the fibro really be causing all of this? Thanks for reading this long RANT!! Tinaeve
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    I think this post got lost in the shuffle.Saw a post from annette2 asking what an EMG was.Hope someone answers this.Thanks, tinaeve
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    I don't really have any advice for you, just wanted to let you know you are not alone. When I had my EMG, it was very painful. My muscles went into spasm very easily, and the worst was definitely in my neck. When I left the Dr's office after that my head was bent down towards my shoulder from the spasms and I had to go to work. I cried all afternoon. It took 2 days for my neck to relax again.

    I don't know if fibro is causing all of your symptoms, but I'm giving you {{{{{HUGS}}}}; I know how you feel right now.

    Hope you are feeling much better by the time you read this.

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    still trying "sigh"
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    I know that he and his wife were having problems with the Herx Effect from medication and I hope they are not feeling worse.

    Love, Mikie
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    I hope all is well with madwolf also.I have been reading more on emg's today so I think I understand alot more now.Hope mine has good results.Thanks again,tinaeve
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    Thank you so much for the info.I will definately talk to my doc about your info.Hope yo and your bride will be up to par real soon. tinaeve