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    I had my appt. this morning at the Hand Center. The doctor was really cool - he must be in his early 50's and even wears a ponytail! Anyway, he examined my hands, took x-rays and told me I have mild atypical carpal tunnel syndrome and the beginnings of arthritis. He said I AM NOT a candidate for surgery (yippee) and sent me to one of their occupational therapists to have splints made for my hands. He also gave me a shot of cortisone in each hand. The shots themselves didn't hurt, but boy, afterwards it sure did - especially my left hand! I was in total agony today!!!! I have to wear them as much as possible. I don't have to go back unless I have problems. So I'd say it was a pretty successful appt.! Oh, I also asked him if typing for 40 years was the cause, and he said "no" - people think it is but it's not. Anything can cause this. That also made me feel better. Just thought I'd update you all on this.

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    I don't think they Help that much anyway. Do you have FMS also,?, I do along with the CMP. I had CT surgery on the right hand, and it has never recovered, it still cause's me Pain. I also have Arthritis in my hands and finger's, I get what is called "Trigger Finger", and lately my Pinkies have been swollen beyond belief.

    May I suggest trying some P.T. for your hand's, they can teach you excerise' for them, plus it feels so good when someone is holding your hand and massaging the sore spot's, gently of course, Pain makes for more Inflamation, which makes more swelling so Vigirous massaging will only Hurt you.

    Try, this excerise in the mean time, take some Penny's, and spread them out on the table, the using just the sore fingers, gently pick them up, one by one. I do this one along with, spredding the Penny's out and then scouping them back with my right hand only, this also excerises my Right arm with the stretching movement that it involves, so I get two, two, two, conditions excerised at the same time.

    I also Soak my hands in hot water, don't burn yourself tho, but as hot as you can take it. I have a stool that I can sit on and stick my hand in the sink and then read for awhile, till the water cool's.

    You can get one of thoes Ball's, well them make them in the shape of Apples now, anyway, they are squishie material, and you can squeeze them and this helps to keep the fingers and wrist' muscles and tendions stretched, so they won't Curl up so much. Mine do real bad at night, look like Claws.

    You are wise not to have Surgery right away, try other methods first, if you have the combo of CMP/FMS, I wouldn't do it. I've had 4 surgery's and I haven't healed completely yet.

    Good luck to you,
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    I've never heard that one before. I will have to remember to mention that to my sister; she takes synthroid and had carpal tunnel surgery 2 years ago, although her results were less than wonderful.

    My doc told me mine *was* caused from my work - which has always been typing/sitting in front of a computer.

    Does this make anyone else wonder if they *really* know what causes carpal tunnel any more than they know what causes FM?

    <<< BIG SIGH >>>

    I know I'm not alone when I say I wish we had the answers!

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    Thanks for your replies! The doctor told me that the carpal tunnel is the mildest, mildest. I think the impending arthritis is causing more problems. He also said I am not a candidate for surgery, which is good because I don't want it anyway. Wearing the splint is helping. Madwolf, thanks for the info about my thyroid. I have been taking Armour Thyroid for a few years. I called my dr. for a refill and he wants me to have a blood test soon. Also, the hand doctor said that typing for 40 years doesn't necessarily cause carpal tunnel - they're not 100% sure what exactly causes it. My desk at work is ergonomically correct at this time too. Madwolf, since I'm at the very beginning stage of arthritis, what can I do to stave it off? Any tips? Thanks!


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