Had blood drawn for IGeneX test yesterday

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by elliespad, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Had my blood drawn yesterday. Being in NY I am limited what tests I can have. Started with the 5010 Panel. The cost is a killer. Don't know if I want it to be positive or not. I think I do.

    Years ago, around 1970, I was SEVERELY scratched by our cat requiring a trip to ER where I was given a Tetanus Shot. I got SO DEATHLY ill for 3 days literally thought I might die. I always blamed the Tetanus shot and have NEVER had another vaccine since, and never will. But, now learning about these co-infections, I wonder if I had Cat Scratch Fever. I don't think this test is included in the 5010 Panel, but could I really be sick from Cat Scratch Fever all these years?
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    Yes, you could - ie, bartonella. Also due to your location in NY, you could have been bitten by a tick and not known it.

    My son was always in the woods etc... we never saw any deer ticks or a bullseye rash, but yet he was cdc+ 2 different times in 2005 for lyme, it was obvious he had symptoms for prior 5 years, but because he was just fatigued, fluish and such, we chalked much of it up to adolescence until he developed severe CFIDS & pain.

    It because obvious thru treatment that abx for bartonella was helpfull........... bartonella alone is tough to handle, there's actually a few varieties! - and/but it's likely that opportunistic viruses have also taken advantage.

    The tests for many of these bacteria (and viruses) are less than 50% reliable ( best is IGenex's rate of about 70% reliability for lyme)... so I hope your doc is willing to give you a trail at least for the abx that work on bartonella. Too often that's the only way to tell.

    A doctor shouldn't really be hesitant as even the CDC says these are clinical diagnoses... ie, it depends on your symptoms. As it is, even things like Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever don't get spotted easily (no pun intended!), my daughter was dx'd with that at age 9, but only at the point when it was almost too late. And then they ran 1,001 "tests of exclusion" while treating her for it in the ICU, we almost lost her.

    Good luck, it will be easier if something does show up, but also hope you have an open minded doctor on your side.

    all the best,

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