had bloodwork done today

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    Hi All
    I try to get at least a CBC done every 3 months, forgot about it this time around, so it's been 5 months.
    Anyway, I had a CBC and a Comprehensive panel done today.
    Just looking at the results and I'm so shocked, but happy that everything is within the "normal" range!!!! Since I've had FM, I've never had a blood test this good!!
    There's only 1 thing slightly low---ALT/SGPT, but can't seem to find anything on the internet telling me what this means. I only know it has something to do with the liver.

    Anyone know?
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    That's good to know that ALT low levels are good.

    At one time my ALT was high. I had a test showing it was coming from the bones. Had a bone scan as well as liver, etc. They did the bone scan as they thought I might have Paget's Disease and to rule out cancer. Everything was fine and within a few months it was back to normal.

    Congrats on your blood tests.

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    No, my thyroid is fine now, but you have a good memory. At one time I was hyper, in my twenties, now hypo but resolved with medication and checked often.

    I had no idea the two could be related.


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