Had Cataract surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lilaclover30, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. lilaclover30

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    I had cataract surgery in my right eye Tues. afternoon. All went well but I really felt crumby after I got home. I think it sent me into a flare. Have felt that way ever since. Of course, I haven't quit doing either.

    I went back to Dr. yesterday and he said all was OK. There are no restrictions except no water, soap or shampoo in eye. When I washed my hair I had a horrid time doing it and seemed to have half a bottle of shampoo in it.

    I guess I have always had a yellowish glow in my sight! When I got home and looked in bathroom mirror, did I ever have a shock! I have wrinkles in my face that I didn't know were there! I always thought my hair was slightly blond. No, it is just plain GRAY!!!! Oh well, that is OK. Have some problems with my present glasses. Can't get new until other eye is done in Oct.

    So much for all of that. Msy mind keeps going back to Shirl and all of the many many families and children who are suffering from Katrina.

    Gentle Hugs to all

  2. Rosiebud

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    My Mum had cataract surgery in her 70s, she's now 81 and can actually read a newspaper without her glasses, at least for a short while she can.

    I hope you are feeling better, every op takes its toll on our health.


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