Had CT Scan Last Friday / Colonscopy, Endoscopy This Friday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have been doing nothing but going to doctors lately.

    I have had a UTI since July. I have gone through 4 different antibodics and none of them have cleared them up.

    So, the first of last week, I went to see a Urologist. That was a rough day for me. My appt. was the last of the day and I had waited for quite some time.

    His office was next door to my daughter's office. Stopped to see her on way out of building, but she had already gone home. She lives close to hospital, so I stopped by her house to visit (and crash).

    It ended up that she and her husband had to take me home. I just hate that when it happens--you get out and go some place and then are not well enough to drive yourself home. Ugh!

    Then Friday, had to go to hospital and get the 2 CT scans that the urologist wanted.

    Also had to go to Dermatologist last week for a biopsy of my scalp.

    Thursday of this week is an appt. with my primary care doc.

    Thursday night I have to take that awful prep for a colonscopy on Friday. I also have an Endoscopy done at the same time on Friday.

    My poor 78 year old mother will have to make a 45-min drive up to my house to take me to hospital for them, which is an additional 45 min. drive for her. Then, she'll have that long drive home after dropping me off. I just hate to ask her to do that, but you are not allowed to drive yourself for these tests. Everyone else in my family is working and can't take me.

    I am one who hates to wait for test results, too!

    Then, today, I got a call from my Cardiologist's office saying that I need to come in to have my pacemaker tested. They got a RECALL letter on my pacemaker!! I just can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! She said it should be OK, but the mfgr. found a glitch in the software in it and every one of them has to be tested by a mfgr. rep. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

    She wanted this done Friday, but it conflicts with my outpatient testing, so she has to call me back. I don't know if I will be physically able to make another trip to the hospital where their office is!

    Then, more doc appts the first week of November. It starts all over again! :(

    This is my update for the last couple weeks!

  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I would go nuts if I had to see that many doctor's for tests like you are. How are you standing it. Just so happens I have another UTI and it must have been a bad one to have to go back on 10/24. Then I'm free from doctor appointments until 11/21, my birthday, I have an eye appointment for a diabetes exam and refraction.

    I need new lenses because I can't see out of the ones I got in April at Walmart. I can see up close, but not far and I need to wear glasses to drive.

    Send me an email when you have time from your doctor appointments. lol

    Good luck with all of your tests.

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It just gets busier and busier for. I am making a serious offer to help to these appts. Friday is the only day I can't because that is my day at the shop.

    I live out close to 64 and the Flying J- so if I came down 64 and cross over to 23 would not be bad. I know what is is like having to ask people to go with you. But I am serious. You know how to eamil me, so let me know. I do enjoy drives in the country.

    I really hate the day before a colonoscopy. I have to keep a aloe lotion for my bottom near by. It really gets irritated.

    I am off to bed- hang in there, your working for a goal and take it one step at a time. Carla

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