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    .....last Wednesday. I had to have all of my top teeth & bottom molars pulled due to bone loss caused by Grave's Disease. I have fought for years to keep my natural teeth, but lost the battle :(.

    I had a consult with the oral surgeon 2 weeks pre surgery. I handed him a folder full of info on FMS. I wanted him to understand what I was up against. He gave me a rx for Vicodin so I could get it filled pre surgery. Due to an allergy to eggs I couldn't have the normal anesthesia(can't remember the name) which knocks you completely out & Sodium Penathol(sp) is no longer available. So they went another route. They gave me, via IV, a muscle relaxer, a pain med & Valium. Then they gave me the drug that causes temporary amnesia. After I was out they gave me novicane. Sorry but I can't remember the names of all the drugs they gave me, even tho the nurse told me every thing she was doing & giving me step by step. I can barely remember the day :). I woke up with my top immediate denture in place & I don't remember my dentist coming in to insert them. My Huz tells me I spoke with the dentist. I had to have 2 people walk me to the car so I could be driven home (don't remember the ride home either). I was still in La La Land long after they expected me to be. I felt like I had a good drunk on, LOL. I took a Vicodin as soon as I got home, drank some ice tea & slept for 4 hours. I got up & ate some soup, took my antibiotic & another Vicodin. They are scripted for every 4 hours. Aside from my face swelling up from my eyes down & some mild pain I'm doing great. The Vicodin makes me very sleepy, so I'm not doing much, except sleeping allot. My Huz took 2 days off work to wait on me hand & foot :). I went back to the dentist the next day to have my denture removed for the first time. He had me rinse & explained in detail how I was to care for my mouth & dentures. He also told me I would have sores & to call him right away if I had any pain. I still have some swelling, but I can now smile & the swelling is slowly reducing each day.

    Yesterday I started spacing the time out longer between the Vicodin. I want to be off it in a few more days if possible. So far I have no sign of a Fibro Flare, which I had expected to happen by now. I have 2 sores from my denture, which my dentist says is normal due to the swelling. I see him tomorrow to deal with those & the surgeon on Wednesday. I have some stitches that may need to be removed. My dentist told me I have a good ridge & suction, so I shouldn't have too much trouble with my dentures causing me pain from rubbing.

    I can't remember who posted to me about where to find the info to print out to give to my surgeon, but I just wanted to say THANKS :). I feel the info helped me, to get him to understand, how to deal with a Fibro patient, which he'd never worked on before. I gave the same info to my dentist too ;).

    So for those of you facing major dental surgery it doesn't have to be terrible. So far I've experienced way less pain than I expected. I would highly suggest having an oral surgeon do the extractions. I got lucky in that my dentist's office has an oral surgeon work in his office one day a week. Have consultations with your dentist & oral surgeon pre surgery. Take as much info as you can to help educate them. Write down & ask a ton of questions & write down the answers. Get your impressions taken & your immediate dentures made pre surgery so they can insert them right after. Clear your schedule, if you work take at least a week off so you can rest, go out & eat at your fav restaurant the night before, stock up on soft foods you can eat after, find someone to come in & stay with you for at least 2 days & then just relax :).


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    Way to go .. I think you are doing great! Its not a fun thing to go through..but in the end I think it is worth it.

    What a wonderful thing to have hubby stay home and take such good care of you. We are lucky to have them.

    Keep up the good work...just wanted you to know how tickled I was for you that you got along so good. ..Sherry