Had disability hearing...very confused/sad

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  1. miselfni

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    I had my disability hearing before the judge yesterday. At this point, I have no idea if I will get approved or not. He asked a lot of questions and I was pretty confused on some of my answers (fibrofog? medications? nerves?).
    One problem was that I could smell alcohol pretty stong on my lawyer and kept praying that he had just had a sip to relax before the hearing.
    The judge was an older man who also seemed pretty conused by alot of my paperwork and explanations. I had brought in a letter with me that my dr had send requesting that I call about bloodwork. I had made a note on it that I had called, but received no response from the dr about new meds as of 8/8. The judge got annoyed with me and asked if I had witten on the other two pages I submitted and said it couldn't be submitted. I explained that I had written a one line not to say that I had called since I often forget if I have returned calls or not and pointed out that I had initialed it beside where I wrote it. He finally let it go, but seemed very frustrated at me.
    He would also make statements and ask my lawyer if he had any questions or anything to add and when my lawyer said 'no' the judge looked at us and said "NO?!" Which makes me feel underrepresented. I ended up crying through about 2/3s of the hearing...not sure if that helped or hurt.
    Of course the vocational lady disucussed possible jobs, but she did point out within each the things that would make them difficult for me.
    As I left, the judge told me we would hear from them in 6-8 weeks. I told the lawyer I was lost on the whole thing and asked him what he thought and he said 'that was all the strangest hearing I have ever seen, so I am not sure what to expect.'
    So, I cried all day yesterday and am soooo much more depressed. My husband is convinced we will get it, but I am scared. I truly am limited extremely in what I do and my health, but I believe that I was not able to express stong enough how bad my pain is always.
    Please keep me in your prayers. Let me know if you have any thoughts -positive or negative- based on this.
  2. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Sorry about the way it sounds thiings went, but maybe it will come out in your favor.

    Good luck and take care.
  3. tonakay

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    Try to keep good thought, I know it's hard but the judge will realize that your attorney wasn't up to par and that that was NOT your fault. I'm sending good wishes your way and I hope you hear soon!

  4. grammms

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    When I read your post I was almost in tears. I think I feel bad because my hearing went so well, & I had a fantastic lawyer. He was worth every penny of his fee. Hang in there. The Lord is watching over u & maybe it will take a little bit longer. U will be in my good thoughts. Please keep posting & letting us know any other news.
  5. justmestephd

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    I too think positive that you did win. SOrry you had such a hard time. I know I'm going to be a wreck if and when I ever get my hearing. I would be beside myself if my lawyer acted that way after waiting all that time to be heard. The thought just makes me angry. I am sending hopeful thoughts your way!
  6. BrunoBoy

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    Firstly....Try not to worry. We all know that that is one of the worse things to do with your medical condition.

    Pray to G-d and keep your faith. I had a hearing about 10 years ago, had a decent lawyer but I feel that I personally did very well at the hearing and did most of the paper work for him to present my case..

    I didn't really know if my claim would be approved. But I soon found out that it was. In the back of your mind remember that this can be appealed, so this is your lucky charm. Be persistent....You'll get it and don't forget that this is retroactive so whenever you are approved they will have to pay you from day one of your application. .

    Best Wishes and Blessings.
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    [This Message was Edited on 08/10/2008]

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