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  1. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    Last month my primary Dr. scheduled an appt. for me to see a specialist Dr. for sleep disorders. The specialist was booked for a month.

    My primary Dr. filled out the referral for today at 3pm. I received confirmation from the specialist for today's appt. at 3pm with forms to fill out and bring with me.

    I showed up today for my appt. at 2:45pm, and sat there until 3:15pm when one of the staff members called me up to the window. She told me that I was late for my appt. and that I was scheduled for 2:15 today. Then went on to say that I would have to reschedule for a different day as she is unable to squeeze me in to see the Dr.

    I showed her my primary Dr's referral that showed my appt. was at 3pm and when my primary Dr. made that appt. I was there to hear them make it and confirm 3pm.

    The staff lady rolled her eyes at me and huffed and puffed and said that my primary Dr. is at fault because they wrote the wrong time down. Then she said, that in my chart there was a note that the staff called my house and left a message confirming a 2:15 appt.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRR, now I am mad because I know she is lying. I told her I dont have an answering machine at home and told her to go ahead and call my home # to see for herself that I dont have a machine. Now this staff lady is sounding like a tire going flat with all the huffing and puffing she is doing. She told me, "look it wasnt me that messed up it was my primary Dr.'s office that messed up." Once again she is lying and I showed her the confirmation letter that her office sent to me with the appt. time at 3pm, hand written in bold marker and highlighted!!!!

    Instead of apologizing for THIER MISTAKE. She got even madder at me and repeated to me in a nasty tone of voice for everyone to hear. "LOOK MA'AM I DIDNT MAKE THIS MISTAKE AND I CANT SQUEEZE YOU IN TODAY TO SEE THE DR. AND YOU CAN EITHER GO FIND A NEW DR. OR RESCHEDULE!!""

    So I ended up setting up an appt. for JULY 24TH. A MONTH FROM NOW!

    I am so frustrated the way I was treated. While I waited in the waiting room there was a big note that said you must give 24 hours notice when you are unable to make your appt. or you will be billed $50.00.

    Hmmmmmmm, That note got me thinking. They screwed up my appt. and I didnt get 24 hour notice. So I am going to type up my own bill for time missed from work. I figure, "why not". It is only fair if they can bill patients for missed appt.'s then I can bill them for missed work.

    What do you think?

    Any advise??

    I am sure they wont pay it, but I am going to send it anyway.

    God Bless,
  2. place

    place New Member

    I would not take that. I would get that ladies name and write a letter to the doc, CC it to every doc you see.

    I would not put up with someone lying to my face. And I would not got to this person if they hire staff like that!
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ditto above poster-this is awful.
    Anne C
  4. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    I wonder has anyone ever sent a bill to their Dr. for missed time from work because you had to sit in the waiting room for hours on end then when you finally do see the Dr. they only spend a couple of minutes with you and tell you they cant help you?

    I think there should be a law for that. Wouldnt that be great!

  5. painandagony

    painandagony New Member

    Either the 'bill' for $50 or the letter explaining the behavior of this woman. She was clearly in the wrong, and hello we've all made mistakes before, she needs to learn to own up to them.
  6. janieb

    janieb New Member

    back when I was working. It reached the point where I would call before leaving and ask if the doctor was running on time or late. I explained that if they were running late, I would just come in later.

    After a year of this, they took me in as soon as I arrived. Never had to wait very long again.

    Maybe I just got lucky, or maybe they didn't like being bugged. Just a thought.

  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    When I have a problem with a 'nurse' or whatever they are, I wait until the evening and page the doctor. it seems to work out well, I get an appointment for the next day, the office people look sheepish and I utimately I win.

    Nothing like complaining to the doc in the evening.

  8. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    i will in the future call ahead to see if they are running behind.

    And I will also do an evening call to the Dr.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    at most drs offices. They hire a dragon lady to boss the help and deal w/ the patients.

    You can write letters to the doc and the licensing board, but I doubt it will do any good.

    I went to see a specialist couple months ago. The dragon lady started up a big argument, so I just left. I can pay some other qauack just as easily.

    Regarding the post about respect for drs., here is just another common example of how we, the patients, get no respect or courtesy.

    And I've read thousands of medical records and seen errors in them. People who get respect from me earn it first.
  10. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    I had something similar happen to me. What I did was call my insurance company and let them know what the doc's receptionist had done.

    They told me that people should let them know about doctor problems. I remember now, it was about a copay that they were charging me $35 instead of the $5 that I pay.

    The insurance company called the doc's office because they had a few more complaints about this doctor's office help.

    I do know I got a big appology from the not so nice receptionist. By the way this was an orthopedist doc, and he was just the sweetest nicest person. Sometimes it is just the help that is bad...

    I just LOVE your name!

    Take care,
    Cindy Lou (yes, LOU)

  11. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    However, since they sent you the letter, you have them dead ro rights.

    Send them a bill for $50.00. They have a policy, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE A POLICY.



  12. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I would definitely tell your primary doctor what happened. Show her the confirmation paperwork on the appt. and also the fact you don't even have a answering machine, and still, they would not see you - making you wait a whole month.

    That is inexcusable. Your primary doctor needs to be your advocate in this situation. She should call and get you in sooner. Something should be done, or see if there is another doctor.
  13. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    i like that :)

    my son had a head wound so i called my dr who said come right down i will see him right away. down i went with the towels by now sopping in blood.

    the receptionist said 'sit over there you will be called' i told her the dr said he will see us straight away but she just said 'sit over there' i plopped the wet towels on the counter in front of her saying we will be seeing the dr now.

    oh she said - they dont argue any more. the blood made a big splatting noise too!! my son turned out just fine with no stitches needed just a bandage and tlc :)

    cindy i would write to the hospital board and complain. if there are lots of complaints against one person or department they have to do something.
  14. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I have threatened to do the same thing but I didn't have the energy. I did tell them I was going to send them a bill. I was going to have to sign a form saying I would pay them if I was not on time or canceled within 24 hours.

    I told them I would sign if they would sign an identical form for me. I did this because they were 1 hour late at that time and they said it would be another 30 minutes. I was so fatigued that I knew the appointment would be useless. I told them if I did not see the therapist in 10 minutes, I was leaving and leaving a bill with them for my time. I did see her but I never went back.

    This week I had a 4 pm appt and it was 5:40 before I saw the doctor. He was tired, irritable, and argumentative. He forgot why I was there and was blaming it on me for not having information (His office was suppose to get it not me). I was exhausted and irritable. I told him that I didn't appreciate his attitude. He looked shocked. It appeared no one else had every said anything to him. He looked stunned and then he APOLOGIZED. He finally found his notes and saw where it was their fault and I was wasting my time and his and THEY WERE AT FAULT.

    I do not like most doctors any longer.

    So sorry for what you went through. We do not need this. It took me 2 days to recover.
  15. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Personally I would not send a bill. I would send a letter in a non confrontational tone explaining what happened. Say something like "I know you value your practice and want your patients to be treated with respect and fairness so I am informing you about an experience I had " Send a copy of the letter and the apptment card. If you are antagonistic they may label you as a problem patient or a whiner. I would be businesslike and succinct and then move on.

    Give them another chance but if anything like this happens again move on to another Dr. Also copy the letter to your primary care physician and let them know. They may have had other problems with this office. I had an issue with a referred neurologist and the primary care Dr thanked me for letting them know. They don't want to refer their patients to someone who may mistreat them. Lynn
  16. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I would have your primary physician call the sleep doc and arrange for you to be seen sooner since it was their screw-up and you shouldn't have to suffer for it or wait another month!

    Sorry about the dragon lady.

    Madame Curie
  17. TJC

    TJC New Member

    I would definitely let the doctor know what happened. I work in the medical field and I can tell you that a lot of times the docs don't know what is going on with the front desk. If there are problems, they often do not know it because people just go somewhere else but never say anything to them. My kids' pediatrician is wonderful, but for a little more than year she had this NASTY receptionist similar to what you are describing. I complained to the doc and she said it was the first time anyone had said anything and thanked me! She said they would be watching things more closely and apologized for the way my family was treated. A few months later the receptionist was gone....don't know if she quit or what, but it was good to know that at least they were keeping an eye on it.

    Oh - and depending on the size of the office and such, a lot of the docs around here use hiring services to find their help - so they often do not know how these people actually are until we tell them.
  18. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I agree with ldbgcoleman and madame curie.

    "Poof" the dragon lady!
  19. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    Today in work I called the sleep Dr. and asked them to fax me the papers that showed my appt was for 3pm. I used a little white lye on why I needed it, and explained I need to show my manager that I did have an appt. for 3pm so my boss didnt think I left work early for something other than a Dr.'s appt.

    I rcvd the fax and it was the referral form from my primary Dr. with the 3pm written on it. They think their tricky as they still dont want to admit they were wrong.

    So I called the sleep Dr. back again, and explained that I needed the paper from their office that they sent me confirming my appt. for 3pm. Well, I was put on hold and the Dragon Lady got on the phone. She was very rude and started to question me on why I wanted their confirmation letter faxed. I told her why, and she said very rudely to me, "WHATEVER, THIS IS STUPID, YOU WILL GET YOUR FAX" then hung up on me without saying goodbye!!!

    She did fax it, but under the 3pm she wrote, "patient had to reschedule for July 24th at 4pm.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr, If I ever spoke to my clients in this manner I would be fired!! How in the world does someone like this Dragon Lady work in a place that has to deal with the public???

    I am still very tempted to send them a bill for missed time at work. But I know 2 wrongs dont make a right.

    Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest.

    God Bless
    and God Bless even the Dragon Lady.
  20. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    Guess what just came in my mail today from the sleep Dr.'s office?

    Yep you guessed it. A BILL FOR $50.00!!!! On the invoice it reads, Patient didn't show for scheduled appt.

    Ok, am I going nuts here? What a crock of ****. I sure hope this bill came from their billing department that doesnt know that I was there per their scheduled time and they refused to let me see the Dr.

    Will I pay this $50.00??? Ummmmmmm let me think. NO WAY!

    After I calmed down from this ordeal w/the Dragon Lady's attitude, I wasnt going to send them a bill for my time missed from work. But now that I got a bill from them, I am re thinking it.

    Thanks again for letting me get this off my chest.

    God Bless,

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