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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ChicagoEmerald, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Hello all. I had posted a couple of weeks back about burning feet. I had asked if anyone else had it and was trying to figure out if it was caused from Fibro or possibly a side effect of my latest med, Methadone. Well, I went to my doctor and said that I have Plantar Fasciitis. I had never heard of it before. I asked if it was due to the meds or Fibro. It is not a side effect of the meds. Apparently it isn't directly caused by Fibro. (You can have plantar fasciitis without having Fibro. However, mine was caused indirectly from the Fibro. I have walked with a limp ever since I was diagnosed with Fibro. My pains, like I'm sure most of you, comes and goes to different parts of our bodies. My pain has always been consistant in my feet. So I guess from walking "incorrectly" has caused the plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a tearing of the connective tissue on the heal area and arch area of the foot. I am now in a cast from my toes to my calf. My dr. said that it can be a chronic problem or possibly it can be cured. He said I will be in the cast for a minimum of 3 months and possibly up to 18 months! I am also starting to get the same burning feeling in my other foot as well. I can't even imagine having to wear two casts at once! He told me to get really good running shoes that have a lot of arch support. I did buy a pair of New Balance running shoes and I am wearing it on my uncasted foot. Hopefully by wearing this shoe it may help prevent it spreading to my "good" foot. Also bought a heal cup to put in the heal of the shoe. It is soft and jell like. It really does help to support my foot. I just hope and pray that the shoe will help enough to not have to wear two casts! Also wanted to share with you that I have been wearing clogs ever since I was diagnosed with Fibro. Closed shoes like gym shoes always hurt my "fibro" feet. So, I just stuck with clogs because they didn't cause any pain. Learn from my mistake and don't wear clogs for a long time. The dr. said that the clogs definately contributed to the current situation. I was leary about getting the shoes because I was afraid that they would still add to my pain. I really love the New Balance shoes and I can tell a HUGE difference between a "good" shoes vs a cheaper pair. The support is much better. Unfortunately, they are also quiet expensive. I did however found a sale that was buy one, get the 2nd half off, so that helped. I'll keep everyone posted with my progress. So far there isn't any improvement with my casted foot. Still lots of intense burning pain. I just have to be patient, which isn't always easy as you all know. If anyone has plantar Fasciitis, please share your experience with me. Thanks for listening!!!

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    Kristi, I had a lot of pain in my feet and lower back a few years ago. I went to a foot doctor who fitted me with orthotics. He said the problem was from wearing shoes with no arch support - and of course all the cute casual shoes are flat as a pancake like the current thong fad which I can't begin to consider wearing now.

    The orthotics help enormously or did until FM came to visit. Still, I used to sit and cry from the pain in my lower back until I wore orthotics in New Balance shoes. Every penny spent on good shoes is worth it. You don't need many, in fact, I wore one pair all the time for a year until I wore them out. Ugly as sin with a skirt or capris but I did it.

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    They need a foot icon. Hi, a little over a year and 1/2 with progressive foot issues and then the plantar fas diagnosis. Onto the search for arch support to no avail (up to Good Feet at 140.00) Worked on my left pretty well not the right. So today I went to get those cortisone shots in my heels, which only accentuated the pad and other part between heel and pads. They both burn, itch, numbness, etc. Checked diabetes, not that. This is the last area the ever present "fibro" issue struck. I never abused my feet, I wore naturalizers, clarks (but the clogs got rid of all of those!, bjorns, which were also cloggy now that I think of it NO CLOGS YOU HEAR!, etc. Now I am on to ecco's...I want to try these New Balance that everyone is talking about too. I just got the custom orthotics done today and feel ripped off that my insurance doesn't pay for them even with deductable met as I do not have diabetes or arthritis. 250.00 is alot for something that still may not work, but I have to try. To go with the 3 different chiros...oh well. They say we have to find our own way with this. Some of us will do this our entire lives. Good luck with your feet - I know it can be very demoralizing - well just plain crappy!
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    I have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis as well. I didn't know it was part of fibro until recently, although, yes, you can have PF and NOT fibro. My dh has PF and not fibro.

    I have been fitted for custom orthotics at $200 a pop THREE TIMES and am unable to tolerate them. I find they throw off my alignment way too much and aggravate the pain in my low back immensely. The nurse at the podiatrists office said this is actually not uncommon. Some people swear by them and love them though.

    I find wearing New Balances is my best bet as I can't tolerate the orthotics. But still have pain and burning. But forget wearing sandals or "cute" shoes all day!! :)

    Also, icing and stretching helps me. Be sure and stretch your foot first thing in the morning before you take that first step. Sit on the edge of your bed, cross your foot over your leg, and stretch your foot back by bending at the toes to stretch that tendon. That really does help me a little bit.
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    Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Gentle hugs to all!

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