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    I've struggle with this DD for several years. No improvement. Just a sort of steady decline.The pain has become unbearable, to get the dr's to to try something in the opiods like oxycontin,well i'm just afraid to even mention it he thought he was taking a big chance putting me on vicoprofen (i think he's scared of his own shadow) mean while i'm in pain i'm no longer willing to just stand by each month suffer with. I have six grandchildren i'd like to do things with but with the pain i'm exhausted an really don't feel up to do anything with them. Ihate to switch dr's i've been with him for so many years and I don't want to start all over with another dr.He just sees me as this big guy 6' 3" 250# and think you can take it .Well I can't. I don't even no why I wrote all this I guess for any sugguestions or just to vent.I need to make my dr understand i'm at the end of my rope this isn't living! it's existing!! sorry for the long post for those of you who made it throught it thanks GARY
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    when these diseases are really bad, one's quality of life is crap.

    I say this, and I've never had any pain! just fatigue and brain fog. That was enough.

    I'm doing much, much better on an anti-viral, detox regime.

    Is there any chance u could benefit from such a regime? did u read about the stanford doc's success with Valcyte.

    All the best, and don't be afraid to vent.

    I spent an hour on the subway this evening, going round in circles, because I had forgotten how to use the subway system!

    You gotta check the destination on the front of the train. You can't just jump on the first one that pulls into the platform.


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    Go ahead and vent so many of us understand!

    I take Norco now and doc just increased my dosage from 3/day to 4/day. So now I'm taking 3/day and it really is helping. I'm afraid to take the full dosage since I get use to it after awhile. What a quandry...

    I haven't been to pain management but sounds like a good idea from the other posts.

    Take care,
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    I am sorry you do not have a supportive doctor. My pain doctor who has many fibro patients is so very compassionate. I can't begin to tell you.

    He is located here in S. California. He does have patients from all over the USA - guess why???? Because there are so few like him.

    Gary, I know you can't be flying to S. California - but if by any chance you ever come here, call Dr. Rick Chavez in Redondo Beach, CA. You can see his website under the search called pain and addiction.

    He also treats addiction to opiates. Because he is so knowledgable about opiates and understands them, he is not afraid to prescribe them.

    I will tell you, there is no question that something like MS Contin would stop your pain cold. I strongly suggest you keep looking for a doctor to help you. It is very common for us to see many doctors before finding someone to help.

    Did you know Montel Williams saw 28 doctor before getting his diagnosis of MS? He had Sylvia Browne on his show last week and even she said to someone, keep looking for a doctor to help you - don't stop with one who won't.

    This is YOUR life and you deserve better but sadly, you have to work to get the right doctor. Don't give up, get mad. Trust me, you will find a good doctor.

    We understand here.

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