Had Fibrin & Cortisol levels done, but. . .

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    The nurse messed up. Everything seemed to be going well and after the blood was drawn, Liz took me to an exam room to await Dr. N. and gave me a cup of coffee, which I was dying for. Real coffee, but that's all they had. As he came into the exam room he said he was going to go find my results - what? Turns out he thought he had brought me back again for the tests last week. When I told him I just had them, he went and checked. Mistake. Liz had drawn blood for "regular" blood tests! I had to have more blood drawn for the fibrin and cortisol - something about the wrong color tube plugs. And I had had that cup of coffee and it was by now 9:00.

    So, is the fasting cortisol test going to be any good???

    Despite that, my opinion of my doctor is raising notch by notch. I explained about the ASI test, how I'm going to get it, from Dr. Poesnecker who will treat the patient on the phone, by e-mail or work with the patient's dr. At that he raised his head quickly and said "Oh, really?" So I know he's interested. What a relief. My previous impressions of Dr. N. were that he was pretty sure of himself and I really expected him to brush me off. He had certainly shrugged off my FM before all this, probably because he didn't know what to do. Thank goodness some dr's are willing to learn.

    So now to order the ASI. I go back in two weeks for the results of my tests.

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    Someone please tell me if they think I need to redo the test.

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    I think knowledge and acceptance is growing by leaps and bounds. There are still some holdout docs, but they will be in the minority very soon. We have real momentum now and our understanding about the infectious factors of our illnesses and the resulting problems is being better understoood. Antibiotic therapy is showing real results.

    I just took some bromelain on an empty stomach as neither of my docs nor I want to go the Heparin route. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

    I believe this website has done more overall to help me understand my illnesses and treatment options than everything else I have learned through books and online research. This place has been a God send to me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Am I remembering correctly? I thought I read this on another thread.