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    My first ever acupuncture session was Tuesday afternoon. After I overcame my initial fear (I had to sign a release that said acupuncture may cause paralysis or even death!)I entered into the entire experience. The board certified physician who did my work took a long time to "interview" me before we began. Then he inserted 6 needles into my back near my spine, supposedly to affect my energy levels. The needles were attached to a very low current.
    Except for the sensation of a pin prick when the needles went in I felt no pain. I did experience a feeling of coolness rushing down my legs.
    When it was all over I felt a bit "out of body", but luckily had persuaded my husband to accompany me and drive me home. I admit that I also had him come into the treatment room when the needles were inserted.
    It is now two days later, and I feel little benefit. If I feel anything I would say my neck was stiffer than usual.
    The doctor wants to give me four or five more sessions. My problem is that I don't know whether to invest my time and money on a snake oil cure. Does anyone have any advice?
    Thank you for the tremendous support that you provide.
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    I would definitely go for the four or five more sessions. Acupuncture can take a while to kick in. My acupuncturist told me she has a hard time sometimes treating westerners as they expect instant results. I really believe in Chinese medicine, acupuncture included, it's one of the few things that's made a difference for me.

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    Hi klarry,
    I have used accupuncture for about 6 years. I prefer the Chinese accupuncturist. My gal trained in China and is really great. I use it for leg swelling and pain especially foot pain. I have had great results but it took a few sessions to relieve the pain and swelling. It is like most of the things we try, we herx, or the effects of the treatments might make the symptoms worse before they get better. I only need to use her for tune-ups now. I hope it works for you. Much good luck.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    Most of the acupuncturists can do acupressure also. It's safer and for those who have had this dd a long it more effective. Also, you can easily learn how to do it yourself and save a bunch.

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    I have had two accupuncture sessions so far with an oriental medicine accupuncturist and after the very first session I felt so relaxed the rest of the day. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. I have chronic fatigue, irritable bowel and other weird things too numerous to go into. She wanted to treat me for the irritable bowel syndrome first and get this under control and then go from there. She also on the second visit inserted needles for my sore throat and stuffy nose and migraines, that I just recently began to have. I can honestly say that I felt relief almost immediately from the achy feeling in my head and behind my eyes. She also mixed up some chinese herbs for me which I now take faithfully every day. I am going back in another week to have another session and to tell you the truth, I can't wait. I just hope that this isn't too good to be true. She also told me that once she gets things back into balance that I would only need to have a session once in a while for maintenance if needed........I hope this helps.....Suzanne
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    Could you elaborate a bit more about your good results? I would be really interested in hearing more.