Had FM all my life the more I think about it!

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    I am 100 percent sure that I had Fibromyalgia my entire life, but it was low-grade symptoms. I did not get full-blown Fibromyalgia until I was 25. Ever since middle school, I started getting low-grade headaches a lot. I just thought I was prone to headaches at the time. I have never been a very flexible person, especially in my legs even though I was extremely active and in great shape. I never did very well when I had to do the sit-and-reach in gym class. Whenever I would stretch my legs, they would always feel tight and it would really hurt. Some of my worst fibromyalgia pain is in my legs. I always found myself yawning a lot and feeling just a little tired. People use to touch my shoulders, back, and/or neck and it was not uncommon for them to say some along the lines of…….wow, your muscles feel very tight. Some of my worst pain is also in my neck. When I was young, I would occasionally suffer from a very very short panic attacks while I was sleeping. In fact, I never really told anyone about them….I just assumed I was having some kind of nightmare. I use to tell people that I suffered from a re-occurring nightmare even though it was not really a nightmare. I just assumed that I must have had a fever or a nightmare. This makes me wonder if I would have caught on to what was happening years ago maybe I could have stopped it from going into full-force fibromyalgia.

    On a side note, I really like my fibromyalgia doctor. He is really knowledgeable about fibromyalgia. He is always giving free seminars about the disorder. I have seen him on the newspaper a few times too. He also did an interview on a local news station about the disorder. During my last visit he did give me a little bit of hope. He said that if you get fibromyalgia at a young age there is a good chance that you could be “cured”, go into remission, or alleviate the symptoms almost completely. He did say if you get in later in life, like your 60s, there is a good chance you will die with it. Note that I did not say you would die from it. When he told me that, it did give me a little bit of hope. I know most of us know this, but he told me that I really needed to get the sleeping issue under control. I have spent most of my energy devoted to this and I am sleeping better and better. I am also feeling better over time. He also told me to be patient at some level because it took a long time for my body to get to the state it is in and it would take a long time to get it out of that state. I just wanted to post a few of my thoughts about Fibromyalgia. I hope everyone is feeling better or at least having a good day!


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    I can remember lots of viral infections growing up. Clear back in elementary school, I had attention deficit, hyperactivity and sensory overload. I remember complaining of what they used to call "growing pains." I always heard stories of being an impatient fussy baby. I think if all of us look hard enough and know what to look for, we can see omens of things which were to come.

    Despite all this, however, I considered myself healthy and was into all kinds of sports up until just a few years ago even though my illness was triggered full blown 12 years ago. I was in denial for years.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was discussing this DD with my mother the other day and we both came to the conclusion that I had been mildly suffering with Fibro for many years - I have always had an energy problem even though I played High School sports played in the marching band, jazz band and concert band and was very active in school - all sorts of clubs, yearbook staff, etc. Even in college I was active but there was always this underlying feeling of fatigue - I just pushed through it. Work and home have been the same way - I push and push through project after project and chore after chore which is probably what brought this stuff raging to the surface last year as full blown Fibro. I have always had tight back muscles and used to jump through the roof when someone would touch certain areas of my back or neck. My hip tender points have always been a mystery until now - I used to think it was caused by the way I pulled my undies down and since I had to potty 50 times I day I was just bruising my hips all day long. (So silly!) My IBS began about 20 years ago and I have had migraines for what seems like forever (fortunately my Gyno put me on birth control and - ZAP - those headaches are non-existent now!!) I think my one saving grace was my sleep was never a problem until this past year. Perhaps that kept the Fibro at bay? I dunno. I just know that in the last year my life has been more stressful than usual - getting my house ready to sell, selling it and buying another, starting major renovations on the new house, boss getting transferred with no idea who new boss would be, getting a promotion that added more responsibilities to an all ready full plate, mom going through divorce after 32 years of marriage, etc...! I think I pushed myself over the edge and into Fibro Hell!

    On the plus side this DD has not really killed my spirit but perhaps it is early in the game...