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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rmc20021, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. rmc20021

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    went for hearing for social security today after being turned down 1 1/2 year ago. Everything sounded as though it went well. Even the judge was making comments about me not being able to do any type of work, and the vocational expert also agreed that there was no job that I would be able to do. I didn't even know it, but my doc had written a statement saying that I would never be able to maintain any kind of work. So...hopefully I'll be approved, but I'm not gonna hold my breath yet.
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    didi you have anttorney with you? they usually have a really good idea when they walk out the door and then they contact the judge and they find out really soon.

    it sounds promising but i understand about don't hold your breath, because it could be a long wait for that money you are needing.

    i was looking at your bio not much there as your age,non of my business and not asking, but i know the older we are the easier it is to get approved,less restricitons on us then.

    i wish you the best
  3. NyroFan

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    It sounds like you will win. And I believe there is a reasonable length of time they have to let you know.
    It sounds like your a shoe-in. Congratulations early.
  4. zerped

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    Congratulations! I have yet to enjoy the experience myself, and I found out that I would be getting a hearing with a judge 14 months after I asked for it. The "21 days" notice should be coming soon, right? I've already had the evaluation they wanted.

    I am going through this without a lawyer. I have tried and tired and cannot find a lawyer who specialises in disability claims AND will take on a CFIDS case. I've looked from Portland and Seattle down to SF & LA and even Phoenix; nada, zilch, zip. From your brief post, I can't tell if you had representation there with you. Did you have a an attorney represent you at the hearing?

    Congrats again and thank God the system got it right!
  5. rmc20021

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    Yes, I did have an attorney with me. I originally applied after I'd had a head injury at work so he was with me in a law suit against workers comp...which I won. So, together with that, as well as the fibro, the attorney seemed pretty confident, but he also said you never really know which way the judge will decide until he does. I don't remember if it was the judge, or my attorney who stated that my symptoms have been documented as being pretty consistent since the head injury. I'll just be glad when I hear something. This couldn't have come at a better time. My hubby decided to get a girlfriend a few months ago and recently moved out. I get child support, but it's still not what I need to survive on and certainly won't be there in a couple more years anyways. But..I'll just have to wait and see. Oh, yes. I'm 52 yo too...so I think that will go on my side as well. There was something mentioned about a cutoff age of 50 for something that had to do with the date I discontinued work, which was April, and my 50th birthday was the next month.
  6. pirtpain

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    It sounds like you will be accepted. It will probably take anywhere from 60 to 90 days before anything else happens. It seemed forever before I collected any money, so be patient.