Had Kenalog Injections

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a fairly new member to the boards here, and I wanted to post the results of some injections I had a few days ago.

    First of all, what exactly did I have done? Three days ago, my pain physician anesthesized me with Propoply and I believe Fentanly and Verset. Once I was fast asleep, he made two Kenalog epidural injections; one to the base of my neck and the other to the lower portion of my back. I am told this procedure took about 30 minutes.

    For three days, I had been pain-free, and I was praising God like nobody's business. Today, I was able to sweep and dust my house with no pain, something that was pretty difficult to do before. Well, after cleaning my house some, I am feeling a bit of pain. I'm praying that it's just me being a little tired and sore from cleaning, and that the Kenalog medication will still work. He told me if it works for me, it could work for 10 days or two weeks or even as long as a month. That would be awesome!

    I will keep you all posted as to how I do.


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