had laparoscopy, coil fitted and now terriblehelp

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    i am from the uk,,hello there.
    just to ask if anyone has experienced what i have the last week from hell. i've got fibro but cope okay , it flares and gets good again but because of recurrent pelvic pain i had a laproscopy to investigate..also got talked to have a mirens coil put in a s contraceptive as he said it helped with heavy periods..well was a bit sick from the op and sore a little,,then 2 days afterwards and since (4 days) i have had the worst stabbing, constant pain in pelvis also stabs up the rear end...like an ice pick.....feels like a huge splinter in there, been to hospital and they said no infection and coil still inplace.
    anyone had the coil..it s so much worse than ever and i feel like i want it out..feel silly as everyone keeps asking how i got on and i feel like a weakling who is always sick!!
    if anyone can help me i would appreciate.kirsty xx
    ps there was nothing majorly wrong with me he said an inflamed uterus but nothing major...
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    i wouldn't be embarrassed at all! this is your health and your body. stabbing pains that are NEW and that you did not have prior to this doesn't sound right. i would opt for the heavy periods over pain. do not be afraid to have a procedure reversed... i know what you mean about not wanting to tell people that you aren't so great - i totally get it - but i hope that you go with your instincts and look out for yourself regardless of how you think it looks to your dr. or others... i can assure you none of them would welcome pain or ill-health.

    hope you feel better soon.
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    thanks just what i needed to hear..i love this site as someone always replies..kirsty xxxxx