had lots of energy taking bactrim ds and my avalide??

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    It helped me clean my house in one day. I know this is not my imagination it is like I am saving halves of the bactrim ds to get any thing done and normally I would be sitting watching tv. No energy I do take it with my HBP med avalide, I know you dont take an atibiotic like this but my uti is gone and I am savoring every peice of energy i can get. Can anybody make since of this?? Plus my ankles do not swell I lose the water weight when I am taking the bactrim ds actually the generic.

    I know I keep harping on this but it is like someone is giving your life back you still have pain at times. What gives should I ask my doctor?? He will say I dont know?? Surely there are so many people brighter than me that know about drugs. Today and yesterday I did not take it No Energy as usual.

    I would appreciate any input this is friggin ridiculous!!
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    I don't have an answer but everytime I take an antibiotic after about the fourth day I get energy compared to what I have which is 0. I have been on biaxin and was able to do a some cleaning etc. I have been off it for a couple of days and yesterday I was in bed and feel the same today. Maybe we have some underlying infection and the antibiotic is killing it, I don't have a clue . I do have a refill on mine and going to get it filled and start up again. I am bad about taking it till I feel better then forget to take it. Maybe I just don't take it long enough to get rid of the infection.

    I am no on B/P meds so have no answer but can relate to the antibiotic giving you energy.

    This darn strange DD is making my life and those around me miserable. Hope you get some answer as I too would love to know..

    God bess,

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    When I take ABX I end up way worse and about the 5th day or so I'm dragging my left foot around which I never do unless I'm on these. I had this problem with ME/CFS but hadn't developed the FMS yet. I had ME/CFS for over a decade before I developed FMS. I have heard of this happening with ABX to other people with ME/CFS.

    I wonder if those of of you who become more energetic on ABX actually have Lyme Disease or something like that. Or you only have FMS right?
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    I agree that you could have an undiagnosed chronic infection, as do many people with CFS or FMS.

    Afterall, something caused the FMS or CFS and it is often infectious. Dr's just label you and then don't look for the cause.

    Lyme is a bacterial infection that can be chronic if untreated. It is called borrelia burgdorferi.

    Take a look at the info in the links below. If you have numerous symptoms, you should consider lyme and coinfections as a possibility...


    the symptom list is on page 9-11 of the above paper.Info about common coinfections such as bartonella, babesia and ehrlichia is on pages 22-27.


    symptom list in the back of the above booklet

    Some people feel better initially on antibiotics when they have lyme and others feel alot worse for awhile because they are herxing.

    If you think you could have lyme, you could get a Dr to order a western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA....test #188 and #189.


    total cost $200. You can order a free test kit with the paperwork included.

    This is the best place for testing. They are the only ones who test for all bands and have better testing methods.

    Hope you get some answers.

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    among many other things. Check out lymenet.org. There'a lot of info over there.

    Good luck!