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    I can't believe I ate it!!!! I know better but what is up with the reaction I had to eating cake with icing? I know its the dextrose in it, and plain sugar does not do this...the day after I ate this cake w/ icing I had the most unbelievable migraine with neck and shoulder muscle pain!!! When this happens it take 5 Lorcet through out the day to get the edge off. I do not understand why this pain occurs. And I think the Neurontin I take at night made it worse!! Anybody know why this type of pain occurs? The second day after I woke up I still had a small headache and now all my muscles are sore like I worked out with weights. Any ideas as to why FMS sufferers have this pain and what is it? Pamela
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    Anything ending with "ose" is sugar and the body doesn't distinguish between one kind and another. It's all sugar. This includes fructose in fruit. The difference is that most fruit contains enough fiber so that it is slowed in the digestive tract and doesn't spike an insullin reaction like other types of sugar.

    You just dumped a huge amount of sugar into your system and the body reacted by pumping a huge amount of insullin into your system as well. You may have already developed insullin resistance; many of us have, and it's the precursor to Type II Diabetes.

    Also, pathogens thrive on sugar, so if you have any viruses, fungi, or bacteria in your system, they just got a big boost from the sugar. This can cause one to feel sick.

    Try to eliminate all forms of sugar in your diet, including high-glycemic fruits and high-starch veggies.

    The best book on health I have ever read is the "Nutritional Guide for Syndrome X."

    Love, Mikie
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    Pamela - I also have reactions to really sweet things but maybe it could also be food coloring in the icing that made it worse. I just started taking Neurontin and I notice a worse headache after taking it sometimes...not sure what that is from. I have mild-moderate headaches almost every day (but no migraines thank goodness) and just figure it goes with the FM. Now I'm wondering if just having fruit can be bad....dang, is there anything left that we can enjoy eating????

    Mikie - thanks for the info and I want to get that book - is it new or has it been around for a while? Also can you tell me which fruits are considered high-glysemic?

    Pamela - hope you feel better soon and drink lots of water to get the stuff out of your system.

    Wishing you a pain-free day!
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    problem for me. I've never had any sort of bad reaction to it until this
    last few months..and not everytime. I
    know if I use it before bedtime though it makes the gerd worse. I don't know about apples as far as the
    sugar, but I eat them now for the
    malic acid and have noticed some difference in my pain level when I wake up in the morning, it's less if
    I eat the apple before bed it seems.
    Hugs, Bambi
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    and I am not overweight, I weigh 120 and i'm 5'2" tall. I do not have high blood pressure it's been at 104/70 to 119/72. I eat no sugar except for a coke now and then or a bit of vanilla ice cream, I have not had my cholesterol checked in a while but with my extreme diet it can't be that bad. But I am going to get checked for type 2 diabetes because its scary. I think I might of had the reactive hypoglycemic reaction??? Thanks to everybody responding!!! Pamela
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    I have about the same body type as you but I was just diagnosed with diabetes in December.
    The weird thing is, my fasting blood glucose is always normal. If I hadn't been put in the hospital for something else I doubt I would have ever found out. It just so happened that my Cardiologist ordered a Glucose Tolerance Test. The ER Dr. thought my levels were Ok but she didn't. I am so thankful to her for being so observant.
    People always assume you are overweight if you are diabetic. Not always. Most of the time if you are Type2 you can lose weight and improve your levels. Not in my case, I don't have any to lose. I'm really trying hard to control it with diet. We'll see how I do.
    You might want to get this checked out though. Sometimes you have no symptoms of diabetes.

  7. Mikie

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    Anything stringy like oranges and plums are good. Bananas are not good as they have very little fiber, but they are a wonderful source of potassium. Most fruit is OK if eaten in limited amounts.

    High starch veggies include peas, corn, carrots, beets, and some beans. BTW, for all y'all trying to rid your bodies of being acidic, asparagas is an excellent veggie to move the system more toward being alkaline.

    Don't drink fruit or veggie juice because the starch/carbs are very concentrated and it contains no fiber, regardless of what the juiceman says.

    You don't have to be overweight to have insulin resistance. The Syndrome X book states that everyone who is overweight has IR, but even thin people can have it. We usually start with reactive hypoglycemia and move on to IR and eventually to Type II Diabetes. I'm sorry I can't give out more info on the glycemic index of the fruits or the date the book was last updated; I gave it to my daughter to read and then send on to her sister.

    I've just scratched the surface of how diet can be used to help us heal. Unfortunately, nutrition is like CFS/FMS; until recently, a lot of misinformation has caused people to get sick and get fat. There hasn't been enough known about good nutrition. They've built a nation of overweight people, and the rates of Diabetes have risen, because nutritionists have been telling us to eat complex carbs and avoid fat. There are bad fats we should avoid, like margerine and lots of cooking oils, but fat is essential for our health and it doesn't raise lipids. It's the carbs which are doing the damage.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've had Insulin Resistance for many years, and it is really important to incorporate FLAX OIL, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL OR BORAGE OIL into your diet as they help with many of the problems caused by hyperinsulinism.