Had MRI just found out

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  1. suzetal

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    that I have a cyst at the bottom of my spin that is causing the nerves to be pinched.

    Have any of you had this.My doctor is sending me to a surgeon.

    I need to know about back surgery.I also have sclerosis of my hips she said I would probably in the future need hip replace meant.

    Have tendinitis in my left hand and carper tunnel in my right am wearing 2 braces hard to type.

    Boy when it rains it pours .

    Have FM and CFS.

    If you have any info on back surgery or carper tunnel and hips let me know.

    Thank you.
  2. suzetal

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    Like you don't have enough on your plate! Take care- I hope it all works out!

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    Sue, I would be very careful about having surgery with FM and CFS. I would get a couple of opinions regarding this if you are able. Sending prayers and more responses your way......
  6. rrsbaby

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    for a herniated disc in 2002. Worked great, although being "put under" so deeply made my FM flare awful for a few days.

    Nurses layed heating pads all the way around my entire body, was on a morphine drip but it did little for the FM.

    As far as the severe nerve pain it was totaly gone when I woke up from the surgery.

    Do get at least a secound opion, Good luck to you, let us know what you decide.

  7. rileyearl

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    Hi Sue,

    I get so excited when I know about something on someone's post! I'm still in the dark about FM and CFS, but I had a battle with bad sciatica last year and can tell you my experience.

    I tried oral steroids first and it helped the pain a little, but it came right back when I stopped taking the pills.

    Then I had an MRI and the doctor showed me the cyst like you have. He didn't actually call it a cyst, but rather a sac full of fluid from my arthritis. Apparently the arthritis weeps this fluid and if it gets into a place where it can't get out and be absorbed by your system, it collects into this sac/cyst.

    At the same appointment, the MRI doc gave me a shot right in the nerve root. I guess it's better than taking the steroids orally because the medicine stays just in the vicinity of the shot and doesn't wear on your whole body. That shot was wonderful because they numb your back and leg first and the novacain or whatever it was lasts for six hours. Six hours of NO Pain!!! Then it takes about 3 days for the shot to make things start feeling better.

    And it did for awhile. I had another nerve root shot the next month and then did one more round of oral steriods a month after that. The pain finally subsided and I went on the discover other places in my body that could give me just as much trouble, but that's a fm story, not a spine/nerve story.

    I haven't had that come back. I did get sciatica again because the periformis muscle in my butt seized up due to FM and pinched the bejeebers out of my sciatic nerve. Not related to the cyst episode, though.

    One more bit of info. A friend of mine had the same kind of thing. She had surgery and felt immensely better, but after about 2 years, the cyst grew back and she had to have surgery again.

    I'm sorry you're in so much pain and hope it takes a big step back soon. Let me know if you have any questions about what I wrote. I have foghead! Take care!


  8. suzetal

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    For caring. That alone makes me feel better.

    Francie I'm going to ask my doctor about the shots.

    Thank you all again

    Lots of HUGS

  9. goodma

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    I've had Carpal tunnel in both hands and cubital tunnel in both elbows. I just was diagnosed with Lyme disease after 4 surgeries for the above. Very successful and have not had any recurrence in over 10 years. I also have osteo arthritis, which I have in my spine. I've had back surgery twice, for a herniated and a ruptured disc. They were very successful. I'm averaging 3 surgeries per year, whether I need them or not.

    Good luck