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    I went for my MRI of the brain and thoratic spine today. They are testing to rule out MS along with the fibro. I am so nervous you all I can't bear this. The radiology tech said that if they detected any plaque then they would call the Neurologist for approval of the die. he had put it without contrast on my golden rod. He explained that it would be at least 45 minutes. I wasn't too concerned because my million other (or so it seems) MRI's have always been withOUT contrast or dye. Well, they stopped the MRI and came in and I thought I was done. He said we got permission and want to do the dye okay. it will be about 15 minutes more and then you'll be done. I am so worked up over this I can't deal with it. Has anyone else had to have these with the dye? I have to get through this weekend with this rolling through my mind now of did they find something or not.

    When I was finished he said I had done very well and I said well you must have found something to inject the dye ha? Well, we do that sometimes he said but we can't be for sure. he was a little nervous with my question it seemed.
    Oh goodness what to do here.
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    I got a prescription for an MRI with contrast first time (I still haven't done it). The reason for the contrast is that things show up better (as you know). But there may well be things that show up but are not at all dangerous, like some cyst (some people on the board had one. Also, if you have CFIDS (possibly FMS) there may be some very small lesions, but again that doesn't mean you have MS. And finally, I know several people with MS who are a lot healthier than I am, and have been working full time for years (10 and 17 years respectively), with their diagnosis. So don't worry too much.
    All the best,
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    ...deep breaths honey...

    You know what these guys are like - they probably don't think too much what they are saying...even though we look for every inflection of their voices for clues...

    When I had my Barium Enema (yukky) she said she was nearly done and then kept going back and focusing on one area for another 25 minutes. Took pics from every angle. I worried myself into a froth over it for a fortnight until I got the result...ibs...

    So, really try not to worry. I know it's much easier said than done - but worrying will make you flare and then everything will be so much harder to bear.

    Be gentle with yourself, spoil yourself, do all the things that you like to do - or that you would advise someone else to do...and try and put it to the back of your mind.

    We are all here for you - keep us posted,
    take good care of yourself and try not to worry...

    gentle hugs
    Mary xxxx

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    Hi Joannie, I had that same test with and without contrast this morning. My appointment with the Neurologist is June 3 to discuss results. I will just keep thinking that all other test except Thyroid came back negative and so will this one.
    The hardest part was finding a good vein. She sure did hurt me and now the top of my hand is sore and bruised. Take care.
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    I've had MRIs with the contrast medium (dye) injected, Joannie. Susanne is right both about the purpose of the dye (to make things show up better) and about the fact that people with MS can do very well.

    I have both MS and fibromyalgia--the MS being my primary diagnosis and one I've had for a much longer time. It can be tough at times, but it's certainly not the end of the world. I've been living with MS for about 36 years (though it wasn't officially diagnosed until 1978).

    I know this can be scary, but you aren't alone. You might want to search the board archives for "MS" or multiple sclerosis. I've posted several messages about this in the past. If you have more MS questions and want to contact me directly, you can e-mail me at af752@lafn.org.

    I'll aim good thoughts your way.

    --Laura R.M.

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