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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by optimiss, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. optimiss

    optimiss New Member

    I had an MRI this AM to check for brain lesions. Have any of you had this done and were any lesions found? My Dr. said if there were lesions, he would test my spinal fluid to make sure I didn't have MS instead of FM.

    It was so hard to lay still! I have anxiety and every time the buzzing started I felt like I couldn't breath! I made it through though and I'll probably know the results tomorrow.
    Happy Monday!
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  2. Jorgie

    Jorgie New Member

    I had an MRI on my should in November of last year. It was rough for me as I get claustrophobic sitting on a bus. Being jammed in a tube with the tube surface a few inches from my face was hard. They gave me music to listen to but the only thing I could hear was the banging of the machine... the only song I could make out was margaritaville.
  3. mindyandy420

    mindyandy420 New Member

    I am not clausterphobic but I can understand in the MRI machine. I have them put a towel over my eyes. It really helps. This way when I do open my eyes alls I see is the towel....

    I'm so used to the MRI machine anymore that I think I have all the clangs and bangs memorized...LOL
  4. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    i just had another. the neuro is watching me to see if there are any changes. i don't like having them, but i feel a little better knowing if there is something going on.

    currently i am trying the Marshall Protocol which is theorized to treat autoimmune diseases.....not sure about MS.

    info at:





  5. clerty

    clerty New Member

    I have had two and nothing showed up I wo nder if it is possible to have Lyme and a Mri to be Clear.

  6. clerty

    clerty New Member

    I have had two and nothing showed up I wo nder if it is possible to have Lyme and a Mri to be Clear.

  7. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    there are several bacterial issues that could be responding to the antibiotics in addition to lyme.

    You could ask to be tested for mycoplasmas, chlamydia pneumodia, drawing a blank.....

    anyway, my point being that there are other bacterial issues that are possible culprits and a little easier to get tested for since it doesn't have to be a specialty lab.

    I would suggest the post by Victoria of the other pathogens in addition to the lyme test, the western blot by igenex.

    Even if you test positive for Lyme, you could still have other bacterial issues. Unfortunately, once we get one, we are susceptible to getting others.

  8. kyra07

    kyra07 New Member

    I'm going in for my first one this week: MRI of brain and inner ear with full contrast, closed. I've been having intense vertigo (it has improved some by reducing my Lyrica dosage, but it is still there), but my VNG showed an upbeating nystagmus. So off to an MRI I go to test for lesions, acoustic neuroma, MS, etc.

    i had an MRI years ago when I got the Lyme dx, but it was open without contrast so it wasn't bad. FYI, Lyme did not show up on my MRI, but I read somewhere that chronic lyme lesions are similar to that of MS and FM & CFS/ME ! I can't remember where I read that, alas.

    Not looking forward to having the closed one: eeks. I have to wait at least a week for my ENT to review the results, but then I get sent to a neurologist afterwards. Lord knows how long that will take. grumble...grumble...
  9. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    and had lots of lesions in deep white mattter on MRI I had several years ago.

    I, too, declined a lumbar puncture as non-specific lesions are common in ME and I do not believe I have MS although many of my lesions were in areas (peri-ventricular) where MS lesions are commonly found.

    Have not felt the need to have a follow-up MRI as symptoms have not changed.

    Don't worry too much if you have lesions. Many of us do. Their significance is not yet understood, as far as I know.

    Peace out,

  10. mindyandy420

    mindyandy420 New Member

    I have an acoustic neuroma on my right side. I do hope they find nothing for you. Mine was treated by cyberknife(radiation). Keep us updated on your MRI report.
  11. optimiss

    optimiss New Member

    My MRI w/o contrast showed multiple small lesions bi-latterally in the cerebrum? Also one small lesion in the ctr. of my brain, the peri-something? They said that one looked like MS plaque. I'm having another one tomorrow morning w/contrast to confirm the findings. Maybe MS, maybe something else? Maybe no big deal! I'm trying not to worry too much, whatever the diagnosis, I've been living with pain and Sx for 20 yrs., what's gonna change? Thanks for your replies! Anyone else have lesions that were not MS?
    Love & Peace!
  12. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Several of my lesions were in the peri-ventricular region. I don't have MS.

    I posted on the other thread, too.

    Best of luck to you!


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