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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SICKim514, Feb 19, 2009.

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    and can I just say...that was the WORST experience ever. I'd go through labor and delivery 10 times over again if I never have to have an EGD again! They gave me Versed and Fentanyl, which are the standard meds given in the hospital. Well, it knocked me out but not fully. I felt them put the scope down my throat and I remember gagging. The only good part is that it only felt like a few seconds. I had a hard time waking up in the recovery room. The poor nurse was really working hard to get me to stay awake, lol. I remember her saying, "Kim, open your eyes." So I'd open them for about a second and then I'd fall asleep again. A few minutes later...the same thing. Eventually I was able to sit up and sip some juice and eat some toast. And at that point my husband and baby girl had already arrived to pick me up. As for the test...no abnormalities whatsoever. So now I'm left wondering WHY I'm feeling so nauseous all the time. Could it be related to the fibro/CFS? Sometimes it's nausea, sometimes it's stomach pain. Either way, I end up vomiting at least twice a week from it.

    On monday I have my first rheumy appointment and on thursday I have a follow-up appointment with my PCP to discuss the medication he put me on and whether it's working. I've taken a couple doses of Lyrica. Although he only has me on it 3 times a week to start, so it's hard to tell if there's any real changes yet.
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    your test is over, and nothing was found, although I know you want answers to your symptoms! wonder why you remember the scope going down?? i remember nothing at all except the girl spraying my throat. well, i wonder why you have the nausea and vomiting and everything? Hope you get some answers soon, and get help!
    BTW, i go in for my colonoscopy monday to see why i have the lower stomach pain and problems. It really sucks! Upper problems is acid reflux, now gotta find out what the lower thing is.

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