Had my EMG yesterday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marcus1243, Feb 18, 2003.

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    And firstly. to anybody worried about this test -- don't worry -- it's really not that bad. Slightly uncomfortable but not really painful when you're having it. The punctures from the needles were a little sore later in the evening, but I'm fine now.

    Anyway, the report: 'Beautifully normal' said the neuro, 'olympic athlete standard!' And these are the same muscles that tingle & burn, that fatigue and cramp so easily, that fasciculate and twitch and that sometimes feel so weak that they can't support me!! Of course then he looked at me as though it was all in my head.

    I'm starting to think maybe it is!
  2. Bambi

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    wrong with your test but that does
    NOT mean you don't have your symptoms
    and pain! I have stopped all further
    testing because all the negative results were beginning to make me
    doubt my sanity also. I KNOW I have
    what for now is called FM, I know it's real and I am being treated for
    the pain so that's enough for me for
    now. We all realize we are treating
    the symptoms and not the core cause,
    but until the find the cause there is
    little we can do outside of going the
    ABX or some other methods being used
    if we feel up to it. Don't let them
    set you back in your acceptance and
    determination to take care of your
    symptoms as best you can. THEY are
    in denial but we don't have to be.
    Hugs, Bambi