Had my first NAET today....not sure how I got on..a bit odd?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. shelbo

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    but she tested me positive for lots of chemicals and some foods inc. yeast, wheat, mik...BUT strangely NOT sugar. Plus I was reactive to iron and B vits which I am not sure I understand..I was ok with vits A and c though..oh, and ok with minerals.

    I am a natural sceptic and I felt like on some positive items she was applying more pressure to force my arm down and on negative reactions she was applying less pressure. I will stick with her for a few sessions and see how it goes...

    Today she tested me for and treated me for something she called body balance formula..?

    Now, here's the weird bit...she asked my body questions (without speaking aloud) and my body's response was measured in my resistance when she applied pressure to my arm. Not sure what she asked my body...but has any one else had this bit done? I daren't tell my b/f when I got out as he drove me 120 miles and waited 2 hours for me! I was thinking 'What the hell am I doing here with a woman who claims to have silent conversations with my body!?
    Is she a quack? I started to feel uneasy at this point, I must admit.

    She said it will take a LONG time to heal me...

    I am wondering if this echoes any one else's first experience...should I go back to a woman who speaks to my body?

    Would love responses and would really welcome Sbilek's and Pam_d's responses...

    I've a practitioner nearer home and after this I'm not sure if I should switch...

    Love Shelbo

  2. bpmwriter

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    this is standard practice in applied kinesiology (muscle testing). i didn't realize it was a part of NAET therapy? i visited a very pricey naturopath in LA once and he used this technique on me to determine what my body's supplement needs were, including dosages. i'm extremely open-minded when it comes to treatment, but it seemed bogus to me.

  3. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    What kind of doctor is that, Shelbo?

    I get acupuncture treatments every week, and not long ago my acupuncturist did that same thing. She "asked" my body (silently) what supplements I needed, while I was laying on the table face up with my arms above my head (ouch for me, arms are my problem!) ... she would pull my arms together (not too forcefully) and "ask" various questions. I thought she had gone totally wacko at that point! She said my body "answered" that I need more magnesium. Hmmm.

    Well I did start taking magnesium and did feel a bit better, but then had a long going on in my life and ran out of supplements and haven't gotten more yet. I've been out of them for a couple of months and have felt horrible ... I didn't even remember about the magnesium until I saw your post. Guess I'll go write that down on my to-do list right now before I forget again ... love that fibro-fog ....

  4. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I'm simply not trustworthy enough. How do you know you really need a particular supplement? Practitioner asks a silent question and your body answers, but you can't hear the conversation?

    I am terribly open-minded, but this is an invitation to basically, steal. ( I am not saying your practioner is stealing ... just explaining that the possibility for fraud to occur in this situatuion is extremely high.)

    Does the practioner know what else you are taking? What if your body "says" it needs something that is contraindicated? This is risky.

    I still have a problem with someone being allergic to B vitamins. That just can't happen.

    Just to be clear ... I believe in ghosts, psychic ability,
    hypnosis, acupuncture/acupressure and the power of the mind.

    That is pretty open-minded. However, I would not put my health and my money in the hands of someone who has silent conversations with my body and then tells me what my body wants.

    I am not surprised she said it would take a long time to heal you ... the opportunity was just too good.

    Shelbo ... Everyone who knows me here knows I support and encourage anything that helps people to get stronger. I have never discouraged anyone from trying anything. At the harshest I say "it's not for me".

    I am saying it now. Please, please think long and hard before you give 1000's (mine would have been @ 4000.00 . Even if your's is a 1/3 of that it would still be @ 1,333.0 and that's before supplements) of dollars and trust your health to something as subjective and hard to support as silent body conversations.

    Take care,

  5. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Shelbo, I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle when I read your post. Actually, I didn't realize until three months into my treatments that the practitioners were asking my body questions.

    The doc was training a physician's assistant and was showing him the "proper" way to do NAET. I asked him if he was working on the "think" system. At this point, I was still very skeptical of the whole process, even though I had started to finally, by this time, see some real progress, and the fact that they were asking my body questions was a bit much.

    My next appt I had my usual physician's assistant that did the majority of my treatments and she explained the asking questions of your body scenario.

    Anyone who is familiar with muscle testing knows that this is common, standard practice. Nothing to be alarmed about.
    I know the whole thing seems really, really goofy, especially at first, and I early on coined all of them the voodoo doctors, but as I started to get better, my skepticism started slipping away.

    Re Elsa's comments about being allergic to vitamins, you most absolutely can be allergic to vitamins. I was allergic to all of them, Vitamin C being the worst. Unfortunately they were never able to totally clear me for B Vitamins, but fortunately I can eat foods with B vitamins with no ill effects.

    I can remember back then thinking, how in the world can your body be allergic to vitamins, but since I had unrelenting back pain all across my lower back that was totally relieved by the Vitamin C treatment, that made a believer out of me. I can remember the doc telling me he thought that the lower back pain would go away after the Vitamin C treatment, and I'm thinking, yeah, right, but darned if it didn't go away. I asked him the next time if they noticed a pattern of certain pains being related to certain treatments, and he said absolutely.

    What has happened is that once you start going down the road of your body's immune system starting to go downhill, all kinds of things start happening in a domino effect, one of them being that you can become allergic to actually good foods, too.

    As you start getting into the whole thing, it gets even more complicated as your cells hold memories of everything, so as a child, if you were, say, sitting at the table and eating, and say there was an argument or something while you were eating, you can then become allergic to that specific food.

    That is what is so great about NAET because it can reverse the whole process by reprogramming your body's memories of all that stuff.

    Shelbo, I'd be interested to know what is in the Body Balance Formula. Is that something the practitioner gave you to take?

    If so, nothing to be alarmed at there. After my first treatment, they gave me some homeopathics to take and told me to not even bother coming back till I took them for two weeks, that my body was way too toxic to tolerate the NAET treatments.

    Back to the asking the body questions scenario, since then, Shelbo, having taken some Reiki training and learning how to muscle test myself and my animals, I've become familiar with asking the questions.

    Don't be alarmed at the pressure the practitioner is using, and also, sometimes, they'll flip the question around to double check the response, and also ask, can Shelbo be treated for Vitamin C today. And I can remember that different pressures were used, too, and I was also skeptical about that as well. I also can vividly remember that for certain things, my arm would go down so fast, it was almost as if there was a cord attached to it and somebody was pulling it to the floor.

    When you're treated, are they using other vials along with whatever they are treating you for? Just curious, my practitioners would use other vials of other stuff, like say with Vitamin C, they would have like energy vials or liver vials, kidney vials, stuff like that that would then make your arm strong and hold the muscle test, and then they would treat you.

    At least there are things you're not allergic to. I went through every single vial they had in the office.

    So what did they treat you for on your first treatment?

    Don't be alarmed by the comment they made that it would take your body a long time to heal. I was constantly reminded that my body didn't get that way overnight, and it wasn't going to be an overnight process of healing.

    I'm a very impatient person.

    Keep us posted.

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  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I was introduced to the NAET concept about four years ago. A couple of years later, I took my husband w/me to an appointment (the method my alt. phys. uses is an offshoot of NAET, so other people can be in the room).

    I had ordered a whole box of testing vials for southeastern trees, because the practitioner was in the north and didn't have them, and I took them to be tested on them. I *knew* I was having problems w/something, but we couldn't put our finger on it.

    Because there were so many, we started an assembly line...my husband took out the vial and handed them to the practitioner, who tested me. If it tested positive, he handed it back to my husband to hold. If negative, he put it in the upturned box lid next to him. There were at least 35 vials in the box.

    I tested positive for the first. I thought oh boy! here we go -- I'll test positive for everything. But as we went on, vial after vial was negative....until the very last one. The practitioner (who was going fast and not looking at the labels) said -- here's another one! Then he asked my husband to hand back the first positive vial to double check that. My husband looked a bit sheepish and told him that he had just handed him the first vial -- the 'second' positive.

    Not that the experience totally proved anything to my husband, but sneaking that in on the practitioner like that and having it test positive a second time (with so many negatives) made him stop and think.

    My son was tested next -- and he was sensitive to only one vial as well...the same one I was.
  7. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    The NAET practitioner I saw yesterday asked whether I am right or left-handed...when I said right, she used this arm for the testing! Well, after the session I bought the book from her 'Say Goodbye to Your Illness' and it said inside that the patient's left arm should always be used...

    Plus the book said that the fingers and hand touching the substance (in the vial inside the glass) should not e allowed to touching ANYTHING else...like the bed etc so as not to confuse the testing. Well, this woman didn't tell me this...my hand and fingers touched the bed, the cloth on the bed, my body...DUH! Sort of wishing that I'd invested in the book beforehand!

    As for the talking to my body.....I think I should at the very least be in on the conversation!! God knows what secrets I could be giving away...LOL!!

    I think I'm gonna see the practitioner nearer where I live. I was initially put off cos he is a man and when I asked him about previous experience with chemical sensitivity, he had none...but he did say that an allergen is an allergen and the treatment is the treatment so he should be able to treat it just like he was treating bananas or carrots for the 20th time..(do you think this is right??)

    Love to you all.....thanks to all of you!!


  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

  9. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Shelbo, good questions, re the right or left hand, I know the book does say that, but where I went, they used either hand, usually the one that you are stronger on.

    NAET does not have to be done "by the book" as Dr. Devi recommends. OsteoMed, where I went, doesn't do it by the book at all, have revised their own method many times, and are quite successful at it despite not doing it "by the book."

    Re your arm touching the bed, actually, you are sitting on the bed, so your body is already on the bed, so doesn't matter if your arm touches it, but I would say it may possibly affect the outcome if it maybe touches something else you are not sitting on or already touching. They usually taped all the vials and my fingers together during the rest period.

    Usually what you are being treated for, that vial, is the most important one. The other vials are just "additives", so to speak, like adding salt and pepper in your food, to affect the outcome in a more positive light.

    So once they find out that you need to be treated for cotton, so to speak, once they've added the vials and say if you, oops, happened to touch something with cotton in it, as long as it's in that 15-minute interval, you'd be okay. It's after that that you would touch something that you were treated for that would cause you to flunk that treatment.

    And you'll know if you flunk the treatment, usually, at least I did. I would get like, say, extreme hot sweats, or maybe more of a specific pain, that type of thing, but it would only last for a day, but then you'd have to be treated for the same thing again, if you don't pass it.

    That happened to me many, many times. Some things I had to be treated for three times. My husband never had to be retreated for hardly anything, only two or three that I can think of right at the moment. Just depends on the person.

    What did they treat you for on your first visit?

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  10. pam_d

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    ...my practitioner uses my left arm...never thought about that before. I'm right-handed, BTW.

    I did ask about your question....only being able to go every other week or every third week. No problem, it'll take longer to get through the treatment is all.

    I wouldn't be put off by going to a man....In my doc's office, the two practitioners are male and female, and I feel really comfortable with both of them.

    I'd try the other doctor if you can, and if you don't feel entirely comfortable with the first one, and compare the two.

    By the way, I've had the same experience as Juloo....thinking (skeptic that I am) that a NAET doctor could in theory tell you you were allergic to absolutely EVERYTHING, and how would you know any different? But my new doc's findings (and I didn't go through my history with him until after) were exactly the same as my original Bioset doc, and another allergist who does the Elisa blood & skin testing----I was allergic to the same allergens, and NOT allergic to a lot of things. On everyone's tests I'm NOT allergic to artificial sweeteners, or Vitamin C, just as an example, across the boards....so I didn't feel like I was being scammed, in fact I felt like the fact that the NAET, Bioset and extensive Elisa tests all agreed was pretty reassuring.

    Keep us posted, Shelbo....

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  11. Rosiebud

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    this made me laugh out loud.

    'what the hell am I doing with a woman who claims to have silent conversations with my body?'

    I dont know what NAET is but obviously a nutritional/supplement thing.

    I couldnt believe anything that comes out of this woman's mouth but thats just me, I'm already a little too cynical.

  12. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'm right-handed, but my practitioner uses my left arm because I have a partially-torn rotator cuff on the right. Like the post above said, they'd want to use a strong arm.

    Sometimes the practitioner uses leg testing instead of arm testing.

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