Had my first Peptide injection today

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    I am new to the board and would like to introduce myself. My name is Vicki and I am 60 yrs old and live in St George UT. I am a two time cancer survivor, breast cancer in 97 and ovarian cancer in 2001. I was told I had RA the same day in 97. I have been afraid of the RA drugs because they can cause cancer among other things but I took them for awhile. Even on the meds I still had flares so I decided to get off them and go holistic. I felt better off the drugs than on them but still would have flares. I started eating healthier, lost 30 lbs, did Tai Chi a few times a week and did well for about 6 months until Dec this yr. This flare was one of the worst and I got back on prednisone for awhile, at least I thought it would be short lived but it was not. The MD I am seeing told me about the shot alternative so finally I decided to do it. I was spending the same amount of money on supplements and protein shakes monthly. Below is the start of my newest journey. I hope this might be helpful to others who are stuggling with pain. God be with us!

    I had my first shot this morning at 9 and by 11 I could feel a difference. I went to sleep for about an hour and felt even better after that. I am excited to see how much better I will feel later on. I was in so much pain from being off pain meds for my prep this morning that I couldn't get out of bed by myself. My husband helped me sit up on the edge of the bed but I started feeling faint then broke out into a cold sweat. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain of getting out of bed so he put a cold cloth on my head and finally it passed. It took awhile before I could stand on my feet and walk while hanging on to my husband. Finally he got me dressed for my appt. I wasn't sure if the doc would give it to me because I was not suppose to be under stress or the shot might not work but he was okay with it. Yeah! I had been on prednisone due to a severe flare in Dec and couldn't get off it so he gave me two shots today. One was to counter act the steroid and the other was the peptide shot. You can't be one steroids and get the shots unless you do the other shot. It was the same cost as the peptide shot but I had no choice. I am writing this 5 hrs after my injections and my husband was able to go to work and leave me and I can get up and down and walk around with very little pain. Big, big improvement from this morning and I have not taken an pain meds. today! I will post again tomarrow to update on the arthritus message board. I hope this will help someone else who is suffering with pain. God be with us all!

    Many blessings,
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    Hi Vicki - I am so glad to hear your good results! If you read Mikie's posts, you will see that she has been helped a great deal with her arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome and FM pain too, with the peptide injections. I don't think she has RA, although I could be wrong.

    I am going to be trying the injections very soon for chronic fatigue syndrome. I don't have pain but hope they will help with my post-exertional "malaise" (exhaustion), inability to exercise or do much of anything.

    Anyways, welcome to the board and do keep us posted on your progress.

    Best wishes,

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    Hello from India :) Just felt like giving you a hug and I hope you do superbly on the peptides.

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    There are getting to be several of us trying the peptide injections. I just had my fourth one. From day one, the arthritis in my hands and wrists went away and my mouth and eyes watered. I've had a couple of mild flares of the Sjogren's but nothing like the dry eyes and mouth, with mouth sores, that I used to suffer from.

    If it weren't for my blood pressure pills, which make me tired, I would feel great most of the time. I found that improvement wasn't linear. Doc told me that the shot would make me feel better but probably wouldn't last until the next one in two weeks. Well, it lasted and lasted again when I went to a month in between shots. How long the injections last depends on how many receptors one has available for the peptides to attach to. I must have a lot of them.

    Still, I've had a couple of flares of some symptoms in between but overall, I'm thrilled with the results. I send up prayers that your shots will work well for you and for everyone else who is taking them. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just wanted to say thanks to all who have postings on here because it encouraged me to move forward with my decision to do the peptide shots. Today is the 1st day after the first one and I am pain free...amazing!!!!!! I am so grateful that I have the doctor here in my town to do them (Utah). Your information has been priceless. Keep posting even if you have a good or bad day. It really helps. I am planning to do the same. This sight is a blessing to me and I am sure to many others. Good luck to you all.

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  6. spacee

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    Thanks for posting about enduring the struggle and feeling better!

    May you continue to do better and better!!!


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