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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Vette, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Vette

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    At least that's over, we did not get a response and because this Judge was from out of State, my Attorney did not know her and has no idea what her impression was. She brought no experts which he had told my Husband and I two weeks back was a verrrrryy good sign. When we got to the office in Dallas, my Atty got my file from the desk, sat down by us, picked through the tabs either the Judge or someone who scanned over it had placed there and had an "oh, no" sound in his voice. It seems most of the things that were marked were not positives for my case, mostly tests that were negative (ANA, EMG, C4 compliment, etc.), everything that is normally negative on us proving we don't have some other illness. My Husband and I were a little dismayed at the Attorney's attitude at that point as he was so positive before. He said I couldn't have done any better in the Hearing than I did, now we just wait. I'm just praying for a quick response at this point, not a win, though of course I would like to get that "BITTERSWEET" stamp of approval in the mail. Thanks for all of your support.
    My Moms Femoral (scraping) surgeries went well, her legs are no longer blue but a nice pink color. She had a bad reaction to Morphine in recovery and was disoriented for about 24 hours, she's doing well and came back home from the Dallas hospital yesterday to her puppy dogs and is very pleased.
    Thanks!!!! Vette
  2. alaska3355

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    I hope your attorney was a help, not a hindrance...anyway, I hope your Mom continues to get better and that you get good news as a result of your hearing. p.s. How's the weather in Texas? I'm in WA, and we are having nice fall weather. Take care! Terri
  3. MamaDove

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    Glad your ordeal is over and now we wait...

    I posted yesterday and today about my hearing, if you care to peek at the posts...

    Thinking back on yesterday, I think I won, but as always since I filed, I don't take anything for granted...So, like you said, I wait for the mail and that BITTERSWEET approval letter...

    More importantly, glad your Mom is okay, everything else takes a back seat to family health...

    Let us know the outcome, don't forget now, maybe we will both be approved and we can throw a party on the board...YAY!!!

    Thanks for letting us know how everything went, hope to hear a positive outcome from you soon...Alicia
  4. Vette

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    Thanks for asking! The weather here in N.E. Texas has been GREAT for about a week now, we have been able to have our windows open and I love that....feels like I'm outside. We went from an awfull hot summer of a month over 100 then suddenly a drop to no higher than 80. I've never been to Washington, don't know if I would like it as I've heard so much about "cloudy" days, that messes with my head.

  5. alaska3355

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    Cloudy would mean west side of Washington only. Once you go over the mountains, the central and east side of WA is very sunny and we are actually desert. Irrigation canals are everywhere, or we wouldn't have all the lovely fruit we are famous for. My husband likes to boast that we have 300 days of sunshine yearly....he loves it here! Terri
  6. Vette

    Vette New Member

    Sounds like your weather would be right up my alley! I tend to dread Fall/Winter comming because of gray skies, but, it was so terribly hot this summer that I'm enjoying this temp and we have had blue skies for a week now.

  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I am hoping that you get good results from your hearing and that Mom is better soon.


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